ZARA – Episode 4

ZARA – Episode 4


“What?” She got up and looked at him in disbelief “K, I will never forgive you if you turn on me”

“I didn’t say I was going to stop you, I said it’s now my duty”

“What the hell does that mean?”

Kazim took a deep breath, he had to count his words right now, Zara wasn’t in a good mood.

“Listen, all I’m saying is this just got a little more complicated for us, because I will have to move out of the inmates’ camp, and more eyes will be on me, but let’s look at the bright side”

“Which is?”

“I am a little closer to the top guys now, I can give you some useful information when you need”

“But you can’t come with me?”

“Z, I have to think about this, I want to come with you, but it’s not that simple. You know exactly where to go, you know who you are, but I don’t, I don’t remember my family, it’s like my brain was emptied when I got here”

“Who said I know exactly where to go”

Zara turned to leave, wiping tears off her face. How would she leave without him?

“Where are you going?”

“That shouldn’t be any of your concern right? I thought after all these years, I would be considered family to you”

“That’s not what I…”

“Forget it K, I’m doing this on my own”

“Z wait! I’m looking for answers!”

She stopped in her tracks


“I want to get all the information about myself from these people” “He continued “Why do you think I worked so hard to earn their trust, I need to know the truth, because if I don’t, my entire existence will be dependent on you, and I can’t do that to you”

“Then let’s do this together, I can help you find your truth and then you help me too”

Kazim breathed down hard

“Come on, help me up” He said, smiling and stretching his hands

“Silly boy” She grabbed his hand and supported him to stand. “You wanted to give me a heart attack ehn?”

“Well, it’s only fair, since you give me a heart attack everyday” He said under his breath

“What did you say?”

“Nothing, it”

“Forget what? See your mischievous face”

“Leave me jare, is it your mischief?”

They burst out laughing


“But seriously now K, how are we doing this?”

“We’ve been away from the camp for too long, let’s return to our normal activities for a short while so nobody suspects a thing”

“Then when do we meet?”

“It’s almost four; let’s meet up after the next gathering by six”


“My class with the new boys was put on hold, so they are waiting for me”

“Oh that’s true, well, I gotta go confirm that it wasn’t my plans that was taken by XC. Oh shit! I didn’t tell you what I did to XC”


“I’m pretty sure he’s mad at me”

“What did you do girl?”

“I’m almost sure I broke his small guy and he should have ice on his forehead by now”

“Z! Wait, wait, wait, are you insane? Why would you do that now, it’s too early”

“He said he wanted to marry me”

“Then just saying no would have been appropriate, not beating him up”

“You don’t get it K, after asking he wanted to…uhmm… He wanted….” She broke down crying and Kazim quickly understood, he put his arms around her, anger rising in his chest

“That piece of shit”

“K, I’m sorry, but not again, I had enough”

“Next time, don’t hit him down there”

“What? Are you supporting him?”

“Shhhhh, let me finish. Next time, pull the whole damn thing out”

She started laughing in-between tears.

“I sure will”

“It’ll be fine, don’t worry about him, clean your eyes, let’s head out”

Kazim moved far ahead of Zara, so no one would assume they were together. He headed straight for his class, but his mind couldn’t get  away from the discussion he just had with Zara. And his stomach churned when he recalled XC’s request to her. He would not be able to see her marry that monster. And he knew if she stayed, she would most likely be forced to marry him, but he couldn’t leave without answers, his identity. They told him he was born here, but he had found that to be a lie. He had found a picture of him in a house that looked nothing like any of the houses in camp. He put his hands in his pocket and brought out that picture, his only connection to reality.

Arriving in the class, the boys were all seated, waiting. He taught them that morning from the sacred book. He had memorized every line of that book, but he was conflicted in his belief of them.

“Assignment class, list out all the 25 prophets in our sacred book and hand it to me in the next four hours, I have already given you the names of five, so just complete the 20”

“Excuse me sir, before I came here, I heard the number 3 man you listed is not a prophet”

The whole class burst into laughter

“So tell me who is he then”

“God sir”

Everyone laughed again

“Little boy, you’re new here, so I do the teaching, you do the learning. God made the prophets, how can the creation be the creator, now if you know what’s good for you, shut up and do your assignment”

“Yes sir” The boy said, bowing his head


She walked through the palmyard to the other side towards the girls quarters, everyone was up and about, some cleaning, washing or scrubbing. The ladies did all the manual work in camp, and the guys were either trained or set as security guards, the lowest rank for the guys.

As she kept walking, her whole mind was set on her plans that she hoped were still safe in her room.

Getting there she saw the guard, the one that took the paper to XC, in his normal position, sleeping with his mouth open and saliva dropping out from the sides. Thankful that he wouldn’t notice her, she tiptoed around him to get to her door. As she tried to push it open, he grabbed her hands.

Taken aback, she tried to compose herself.

“Why are you holding my hands?”

“Where have you been?”

“Weren’t you there when XC called me?

“That was over three hours ago”

“He spoke to me for a very long time na”

“You liar, I saw XC moving around the camp over two hours ago”

“What, are you sure it was him?”

“Who do you think I am, a fool?”



“XC told me I should report anybody that questions my movement to him” she said, lying.

“Uhmm, oh, oh really? When did he say that?”

“Just after he asked me to marry him”

“Ehn? You’re marrying him?”

“If you tell anyone, you’ll be dead because it’s only you that I have told. And he even said he’ll be following me closely to see if you disturb me”

“He mentioned my name?”

“Even your surname o”

He let her go, and she almost started laughing at his foolery

“Oh sorry o, don’t tell XC I said anything”

“If you answer my question, I won’t tell him anything”

“What’s the question?”

“That paper you showed XC, gist me, do you know the owner”

“I picked it from the floor, by the bush path leading to the palm yard”

She heaved a sigh of relief. It most likely wasn’t hers.

“Hmm, I wonder whose it is” She continued

“That person would be so dead” He added

“Well thank you”

“So you won’t tell XC right?”

“Ah, my sugar, honey boo, sweet peperempe, why would I tell him na?”

The guard started smiling sheepishly as she showered him with nicknames.

She got into her room, smiling to herself, everything was beginning to take shape. She moved over to the corner of her room, by the broken part of the ceiling, she climbed her stool to get out her plans.

As she reached out to the exact place she kept it, her heart stopped for a second, she couldn’t feel it, they were gone.

“No, this can’t be”…..


To be continued… 24th December

What do you think, is someone playing games with Z, who took her plans, really. Will K really come through for her? .


I love you for reading, don’t forget to leave a comment below! **kisses**

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  1. Sweet peperempe 😂
    Wonderful read, as always!!!
    More Graca dear

    1. 😂😙😙😙

  2. Till next week? No!!!!!!!!!!
    No yuletide consideration to push it closer?

    Great as always

    1. 😂 yutelide consideration? It’s because of yutelide consideration that it’s coming up next week o 😙😙

  3. At least I ve learnt a new nickname for me hubs (sweet peperempe 😂) lemme go and start practicing…..

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  4. Message:Sure! thinking there is a game…getting more interesting

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    story getting sweet oh!
    Thanks ma
    but, Can you please dash us one episode as Christmas gift before Sunday .

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  6. FIRSTLY, my prediction about Zara & K working together on the escape plan came through…

    …as per Zara’s paper, next episode will tell. But how come the XC didn’t go in search of Zara after the assault???

    I was thinking an alarm would be raised and a search for Zara would be initiated so she could be punished for the assault…

    …abi the XC was doing all those things on low key??? Interesting episode…

    Saw some Naija flows in this Episode… Now very obvious it’s a Naija tale…

    Anticipating episode 5…

    1. 👏👏👏👏

  7. Interesting twist!

  8. I’m glad K is still on her side at the moment, but anything can happen. I’ll just have to ‘tune in’ to the next episode to find out. To imagine that after all the relief she got from her conversation with the guard, that paper might indeed be hers, o my gosh!

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