ZARA – Episode 9

ZARA – Episode 9

Kazim raised his head and realised the driver was taking a different path, not towards the main camp. He held on to the seat as he thought of what to do. He couldn’t leave without seeing Z, she had to know what was happening, or better, he could sneak her out.

“Uhmm driver please hold on, before I leave camp, can I use the rest room, my stomach hurts, and I’m told it’s a long drive”

“Okay sir, I’ll take you to the central building”

As Kazim stepped out, He turned behind the building in his bid to escape and find Zara, wondering everywhere, he had to move really quickly, raising an alarm was not in his plans.

“Sir, who are you looking for?” He spun around swiftly, someone had seen him


XC sat there restlessly with Milan, what was taking CC so long? He had sent a message to him cuz this girl won’t stop crying and any more minute with her, might just make him go crazy.

He heard movements outside the building and almost immediately saw CC walk into the room.

“Mehn guy, what took you so long?”

“Yeah, sorry man, I’ve been busy with the boys, just got someone to cover for me. Tell me you found her? Where is she?

XC looked at him in frustrated agony, was he blind? Couldn’t he see the girl he asked for right before him?

“See CC I know they say love is blind, but I’m sure they did not mean physical blindness, can’t you see her here”

“See who, Catherine? No I don’t see her”

XC motioned with his head towards Milan, almost losing his patience

“What? Milan? How dumb can you be, How does Milan sound like Catherine”

“Hey, don’t insult me o, do you know how long I’ve been sitting here with her. Her middle name is Catherine; she’s the only one that has anything to do with that name”

“She’s not the one!”

“Ah, then you must have been played o, there’s no other Catherine, oya describe her, let me guess”

“Ahhh, baddo, you don sabi all the girls descriptions”

“Comot dia! Just describe jorr”

As XC listened to CC describe Zara, the room began to get hotter and his chest started to burn, he prayed Zara had a twin somewhere that CC was describing.

“Okay, I’m done describing, any guess?”

“Uhmm, no o, no clue, sure say no be angel wey you see?”

“Angel ke”

“Yes na, anyway, I’m going to finish my paper work for the leaders arrival”


XC left, as confused as ever. Zara would be his or no one else’s. Oh wait, he hadn’t figured out what to do about the traitor issue, this same Zara. He wiped the sweat off his forehead as he stepped into his crib.


Zara’s back slammed on the wall of the tall fence as UG pressed his body to her, the stench of the alcohol in his mouth hit her face as she squinted in disgust.

“Oh so now you want to do it outside”

“Anywhere you want baby, you know, the stuff is always available after payment and I’m in the mood to get paid.

She thought of a repeat of the XC incident, but changed her mind, she had to be subtle on this one

“I’m in the mood to pay you too darling, on one condition”

“Ooh yeah girl, name anything you want”

She realised this was her chance, he was as high as she had ever seen him and as horny as the word goes. She chuckled a bit, high and horny, man’s most vulnerable times.

“Take me to the file room”

“File room? For what”

“You know there’s something about papers that get me in the mood”

She was laughing hysterically in her mind, papers get her in the mood, really? As far as she could remember, she had never been in the mood. But this fool didn’t need to know that.

“Oh, spicy!”

“Let’s do it in the file room”

UG walked ahead, managing to keep calm, and Zara followed behind, her pocket knife squarely in her back pocket. This would be his final game, if he would even get to play any.

“Move faster girl, the file room is far away in the central building”


Kazim look behind him and found the boy from his class.

“You again, what is it? What are you doing here?”

“Oh nothing, I just thought I could help”

And you just happened to be standing behind the central building?”

“I was asked to come here”

“By who? In fact that’s not even important, I have to go”

“Sir I was asked to tell you to go to the file room”

This was getting too creepy for Kazim

“File room for what, how do you even know about the file room. Wait, did the leader send you to spy on me?”

“Who’s the leader sir?”

Kazim paused, this was how they wanted to implicate him with Milan, and now another child

“Look here boy, go back to your training, and if anyone asks, you didn’t see me, understood”

“No one will ask sir”

“Go back to training” He was losing his patience, Zara must be in her room, worried sick about him, or worse, gone ahead with her plans without him.

“I actually have some questions for you”


“Yes sir, we are already assigned a new teacher and we were wondering why”


“Yes sir”

Kazim was confused, why was he already replaced, didn’t they expect him back? Or maybe he was overthinking, it all could be part of the new promotion”

“Well, I’m sure whoever is there will be great”

“I’m worried about you sir”

“Boy, go, I won’t repeat myself”

The young boy turned and left, his face showing slight disappointment and worry

Kazim battled between going to search for Zara in the main camp, and looking for the file room, rumours had it that the file room was in the central building.

‘Zara is more important than these files, and I’d waste a lot of time in the file room that I should have spent reaching Zara’’, he thought to himself

He turned to the bush path leading to the main camp, turned back towards the central building, turned again towards the bush path, his indecision getting a hold of him, he made to turn to the central building again when he felt a hand on his shoulder, and right there, his heart stopped for a moment and he didn’t realise he had peed in his pants.


To be continued, 4th February

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  1. Its suspense filled

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  6. This is quite captivating. Had to read all episodes today. Well done dear, you have the fingers of a goddess. I’m anticipating episode 10..

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  7. Oh gosh! Wow! The file room! Who’s this little boy self? He’s kind of mysterious! Talk about being at the right place at the right time and pointing at the right directions.

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