ZARA – Episode 8

ZARA – Episode 8


He was silent, just holding on to the wheels and looking forward. His calmness took her by surprise, but there was no way she would let him see that on her face.

“I will end your miserable life if you don’t tell me what I need to know and take me out of here”

He began to laugh. She was even more surprised at the strange reaction. She had a knife to his neck and he was laughing.

“You think I’m playing here?”

“I’m already a dead man. So you might as well kill me. All the same, I’m in a good mood so I give you two options”

She just stared blankly at him as he continued

“Number one, you get your hands off me, get out of my truck and I assume this never happened or number two I lock you in here with no way of silent escape and I alert the leader”

“And you think I’d let you alert anyone?”

“You don’t need to let me, if I am not in my duty post in the next 10 minutes there will be a search, UG knows where I am right now, you’ll be found in here with me”

“Well then you better talk quickly before your time is up”

“You won’t kill me”

“And what makes you think so”

“If you do, you’ll never get to know why I picked you ten years ago”

Cold shivers ran down her spine, so he remembered her?

He noticed and smiled, exposing his broken front tooth. She remembered that tooth, including the foul breath and saliva that hit her when he spoke to her at the back of the truck years ago.

“Oh yeah, I remember you, hello Zara”

The pocket knife fell from her hands and she realized her mouth was open in shock.

“Speaking of searches, let me be nice and tell you, UG is headed back here”

She quickly grabbed her knife and slid out of the truck. Before she could turn, he had sped away and disappeared along the long path.

“I’d get him soon. Real soon” she hid behind the wall as UG walked past.

As soon as she came out of hiding, a hand grabbed her mouth

“Shhh, hey sugar, I have what you need, are you ready to make another payment?

It was UG


Kazim swallowed hard as he stood in front of the door, sweating right down to his pants.

“Get your black ass in there; we don’t have time to waste”

He walked into the room and the first thing that hit him was a heavy stench, it was choking and pungent. Wondering where the stench came from he sighted another door, it was black and bigger than the normal doors around. He moved towards it and as he placed his hands on the handle the first door immediately flung open. He jumped back in abject horror.

“Don’t you dare!”

He spun around and found CC looking at him, anger written all over his face.

“Sorry sir, I just wanted to…”

“You wanted to do what!? Is that what I asked you to do here?”

Kazim knelt down and pleaded for his dear life

“Get your paper and get out!” Kazim spanned the room, found his name on one of the papers and ran out

“This is a warning to all of you, never go beyond your limits in this place!”

The other boys just stared at Kazim, he sat in the corner and held the paper, he didn’t know what to do, he couldn’t open it, his hands were to shaky.

“Open it!” CC shouted

He opened it slowly

It was a black note that simply read

“Leave no witnesses”

“Uhmm sir please I don’t understand, there’s no address”

“It’s not your duty to know, we will take you there”

“And sir, am I to bring everyone there to this place”

“Did we say anything about capturing?”

It hit him again… he was to kill them all


“No more questions, we have trained you for this. We are all ready to die for what we believe”

He wanted to ask so desperately, he really wanted to know what the people there could have done to be selected for this. He believed he should be ready to die for what he believed, but not so much in killing others for what they believe in

“Move, your transportation is waiting for you, all the information you need is in there”

“Sir, now?”

“There’s no time to waste, you must carry out this task before dusk, this will qualify you for the final appointment by the leader”

He wanted to say he didn’t care about the appointment anymore when CC stood up

“Move Kazim, the leader has been told of your wonderful performance thus far, don’t disappoint him”

Tears formed in his eyes as he moved out, but he was blown out of his mind when he saw his transportation

The best car he had ever seen, he didn’t even bother checking the name. He got in, and was greeted by the driver


He just nodded in response.

The driver handed over an envelope to him

He picked out the paper inside the envelope and a full note was written

“It will take a couple of hours on this journey, so rest well on the road. You will be taken to a place where you can get some good cloths, get a corporate attire with the cash in the envelope and head on to the house assigned. You will arrive as a government inspector, and in this vehicle is your weapon, it can fit into your pocket.

We are watching your every move”

His pocket? Why his pocket….. It was then it dawned on him, he had to see the weapon, this might be a suicide mission…


To be continued, 28th January 2018

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  1. Message:The suspence is killing oh!
    is my eyes deceiving or….. I feel this episode is short.
    Thanks Mma Debbie for the good work, still following.

    1. Is it? Awww sorry dear. Next week should be longer

  2. Message:I enjoyed every bit of it!!

    1. Yayyy!

  3. We want more!!!
    Can’t wait for next week.

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  4. No na it’s too short….
    And waiting For anda six days is painful……
    Suspense kills o
    But tnx debbie GBU. …

    1. 😢😢 sorry dear❤

  5. Wowzer!! Simply mind blowing👊👊

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  6. I think he would get to pick Zara on his way to the city!

    1. Hmmmm. Fingers crossed

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  7. More! More! More!

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