ZARA – Episode 7

ZARA – Episode 7

“Well what?”

“Uhmm, not really, I have a few guesses, I’m still searching for confirmation”

“Guesses? Are you kidding me? You know the leader already knows about this so he would want answers when he arrives”

“Well, we’d figure it out by then”

He walked away from CC as fast as he could. Hoping the sweat break out on his forehead hadn’t betrayed him.


The bell rang for the assembly, everyone ran to the palm yard. Zara moved quickly with her eyes roaming everywhere, searching for Kazim, and Kazim on the other hand avoiding Zara, he hadn’t figured out what he would say yet about his encounter with XC.

They all knelt and bowed their heads

“Balaam Ruallah! Surely we are bowing our heads towards he who creates the Heavens and the Earth and we do not associate with those who don’t follow him. For Balaam Ruallah is the greatest. It is he we worship; it is he we ask for help.”

As they recited, Kazim looked at the end of the row and saw the boy from his class, his mouth moved but not in tune with the words of the prayer. He was obviously saying something else. Shocked and angry, he moved up to him as everyone got up from their knees.

“What is wrong with you, I taught you all the prayers, do you want to disgrace me?”

“No sir”

“So why don’t you know the words till now!”

“I know them sir”

Even more confused, Kazim whispered sternly “You know them? Why were you not saying them?”

“I say my own prayers sir”

“Are you mad!”

“Yes sir”

“Ehn?” What’s with these strange answers from this boy

“Madly in love with the one I pray to”


“Sir please can we talk about this later, a man is up on the stage”

CC stood up to give the announcement, he rarely spoke in the general meetings.

“The leader has asked us to carry on with the appointment of the new leaders, he will see them when he comes”

Names were read out including Kazims. He didn’t expect it so soon, Zara’s eyes showed she didn’t expect it either. They were out of time.

“You all will come with me, the rest of you can go. Prepare yourselves appropriately, the leader will be coming”

As CC stepped down and left with the boys, XC came up, this would be his best chance to find the so called Catherine for CC.

“Who is named Catherine here?”

“Oh no”

Zara bent her head, hiding behind the taller girl in front of her. Why will XC be looking for the fake name she gave CC, except CC told him to bring her.

“For the last time, who is Catherine, don’t make me go over your records, I will deal with you for that stress”

Strangely, the first thing that came to Zara’s mind as she heard Kazims threat was the new information, that these people had records of them. That could be her ticket to knowing where to go.

Someone in the crowd burst out weeping, everybody turned and found the little girl Milan crying profusely.


“Sir my middle name is Catherine, but I didn’t do anything bad sir, please don’t let them beat me anymore”

XC was taken aback. This was the Catherine CC was dying for? It wasn’t new anyway, many of the young girls here had been married out to different leaders as children, but he didn’t think that a child was the one CC wanted him to get for him.

“Just follow me” He said, grabbing her harshly by her arm.

Zara was still a little high on the drugs but she felt this, she felt the pain she had transferred to the child, she felt it.

“Oh no, no, no, why did I say Catherine!” She battled with the choice of saving the young girl by telling the truth or trying to get a hold of Kazim before he went in for the appointment.

Some of the boys that were taken for this were never seen again, she had always wondered what they did there, and now even worse, she had a reason to worry.



Milan moved with XC to his office

“I promise you I didn’t do anything sir. I just got here some days ago and everyone has been so mean to me, please sir, help me”

“Do I look like someone that you ask for help from?”

“Sir please, I am begging you”

XC had flashes of the past, this little girl reminded him of the first day Zara arrived in camp. Milan looked a lot like Zara, or so he thought.

“Damn, my mind is playing with me”


“Not talking to you little one”

Milan sat sobbing as XC left the room, he couldn’t stand any more second of her wailing, CC had better come fast and get this girl so he could be free.


Kazim moved behind CC, terrified and apprehensive. He had only thought about the position, but it hadn’t crossed his mind what that implied.

“Boys, you are welcome to the league of senior men in this camp. You are now in the inner circle. You have been tested and trusted, and a greater level of responsibility is put on you.

Your loyalty is your greatest asset. You do what we say, when we say and how we say it. You kill on command and anyone against our cause is our enemy. Some of you will stay back to raise others, and some of you will be sent out for assignments.

“Sir, to kill?” Kazim cut in, needing answers, he was sweating in his pants, the reality of what he was about to enter into dawned on him.

“What stupid question is that, did I speak Spanish?”

He knew he should shut up

“You will do exactly as we instruct”

“It’s not posting, it’s an assignment, you do as instructed and return as soon as possible. The government is in search of us remember, it’s a good thing we have some of our men placed high in government”

CC made them take oaths, they recited a couple of lines that scared the living day light out of him. The words had something to do with being ready to die, and he absolutely wasn’t.

“Your assignments, are pasted on the board in the next room, go in one by one, pull out the paper with your name on it and show it to nobody.” CC said as he sat behind his desk.

Kazim held his breath, he didn’t want this as much as he thought he did, he had to find Zara and they had to leave.

“Kazim. You go in first”



Zara walked away from the palm yard, and as she turned toward the women’s area, she sighted the truck driver with a note pad taking down some notes, probably from what the man in front of him was saying. She went a little closer and realised he was talking with UG, the man that introduced her to drugs and drinking.

“The truck is open” She whispered to herself, this was her chance to get out of here. But to where? She needed her records, and yeah, Kazim too. She needed him.

As she battled with her options, she realized UG had gone.

The truck driver got in and started the ignition……… And Zara popped out of the back seat with her pocket knife kissing closely the bulging vein on his neck.

“Hey bastard, remember me?”



To be continued, 21st January 2018.

Zara high on drugs, would she finally get the truth of what happened that night, will this be her freedom? What is Kazims fate in this room of no return? And yeah, Milan, smh.

Find out these next Sunday! But what do you think though?

Please leave a comment below!!!!!!

I love you for reading!

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