“You heard me”

He felt his chest tighten up. No, this wasn’t happening, he couldn’t believe it. The more he thought about it, the more confused he became.

“How long do I have to make up my mind?”

“Just because I am a very kind man, two hours”

He felt like throwing up hearing XC call himself kind. XC had single handedly ended the lives of so many of the people here.

“Please it’s too short sir, even if I decided to convince her, it will take longer than two hours”

“Then you better move now, the clock is ticking”

He got up in a rush and left the room



Zara tried to be calm as she sat on her bed. Deep breaths weren’t working so she checked around for the guard and reached into her draws. Pulling out a small sachet of gin, and a bag of white powdery substances, she placed her nose over it and drew in sharply adding a small sip of gin. She looked round again.

Leaning back on the wall, she let the effect sweep through her brain. She had a love hate relationship with this thing in her hands. She needed it but didn’t want it. It dictated her moods and literally defined her decisions. She’d been on it since her first week here.

“Stop crying little child. Come, take something that will make you feel better” The man in the army green long dress told her”

“Call me UG” He said as he placed her nose over the substance. He patted her on the back as she coughed so hard after inhaling it.

She missed her parents terribly and had cried an ocean of tears, so back then at eleven, she would do anything to feel better. And you know he was right, she did feel better. She felt so good her tears dried up, and she totally forgot why she was crying in the first place. Her mood was lifted to cloud nine.

But in a few hours, the cloud nine began to do a countdown, 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1… and she was on his bed. Blood stains on the bed, and everything came back to her, but this time with double pain and a bonus migraine.

“Uncle, what happened?”

“Don’t worry girl. Keep taking this, whenever you feel bad. I’ll be giving you more”

Ten years… No one else knew. Not even Kazim. She had built her body to be strong enough to fight humans, but she had never won the fight against the drink and the powder, or so he called it.

She hated him, but needed him, and the worst part was what he took from her every week as payment.

The effects had kicked in cuz her mood had returned and she was ready for anything. She would meet with Kazim after the assembly by six and they would settle their plans.

Not having her plans with her, she decided to draft a new one. But now she decided to write it on her palm, no one will steal her hands afterall.

She wrote…

1.     Find truck driver

She had seen him a couple of times dropping the new people and her heart burned with rage every time he stepped out with his black open teeth, khaki shorts and dusty shoes. His teeth and eyes were all she had ever seen of his face. She needed to know who exactly sent him and her home address, that was all the information she needed from him before ending his miserable life. He didn’t seem slightly sad by what he was doing.

It was a few minutes to six, she sat patiently, eyes wide open, as she awaited the assembly bell.


Kazim ran to his room, sweating profusely. What was he going to do? He hated himself for not checking the handwriting properly before leaving the room. All this would have been avoided or atleast delayed till he and Zara had a plan. He needed that promotion to help Zara better, but ultimately, he didn’t want her to die. He’d want to die too if anything happened to her. But it was also like killing himself, to watch her move into XC’s house as his wife. He loved….

He halted his thoughts right there. He had never thought about it so deeply, but it just dawned on him that he loved her. He had always loved her, ten years and counting. Emotions overwhelmed him as he fell to his knees in a tsunami of tears.

“Balaam Ruallah! God of the universe, tell me what to do!” As he knelt beside his bed, he got even angrier. The other boys were out on brush up. So he raised his voice a little louder.

“I thought these were your followers! Why are they so evil!”

He cried so hard, his head began to hurt. He was to be appointed in the evening assembly, so he had some time to prepare, but he had to see Zara after this 6am assembly. He had to warn her that XC already knew she was the one, and he had to tell her of his demands.


Meanwhile XC got up from his chair and began to pace around the room.

“No this can’t be, Zara could not have been the one”

He suspected that she was trying something funny as he kissed her earlier and when she hit him, he never expected that level of strength. But he wasn’t sure. And now his little test had worked, he had lied that he knew those plans belonged to Zara. And Kazim just cleared his doubts. Well, Kazim didn’t clearly say she was the one, but if she wasn’t, he would have defended her rather than ask for time.

He took a deep sad breath “Zara, why”

He was at war with himself on what to do. It was his duty to eliminate threats and he had never failed at his job. The leader valued him for that.

As he walked out, he met CC, returning from his room searches.

CC was a step higher than him in ranks. But they were pretty close.

“XC I need your help”


“I’m interested in a girl in the main camp”


“Uhmm, Kate, no Cla, no, uhmm yeah, Catherine! She said her name’s Catherine”

“Catherine? I’m not sure there’s a Catherine on camp”

“Good to know I’m not the only ignorant one here, there surely is one, sexy young thing”

“You ehn, only one search you went for, you’ve fallen in love. Okay, I’ll get her for you”

“Thanks, by the way, have you made any progress on finding the traitor?”

A sweat broke out on his forehead as he thought of what to say




To be continued, 14th January, 2018





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