She searched the entire room, frantic, refusing to let herself believe that the guard was lying about where he got the paper from.

“Breath girl, breath” She sat on her rusty bed and took in deep breaths, in an attempt to calm herself down.

XC would be coming for her anytime now, she had probably annoyed him as she left the room. And an angry XC is trouble. But what scared her the most was that he always got what he wanted, and if she was what he wanted right now, she had to hurry with her plans because he would do all it took to get her married to him.

Her mind wandered a bit to Kazim and their conversation, he was moving out of the main camp, and she would have a hard time communicating with him. It wasn’t too far anyway, but she couldn’t ignore the anxiety in her heart, she’d been here for ten years, and she had seen and heard virtually every story about the dreaded squad leaders quarters, they literally brain wash you and turn you into a monster in a few minutes. She had to settle their arrangement before he got in because once he was gone, it would be a million times harder for them. She rushed to the door to go find him, when the door was kicked open suddenly, hitting her to the ground. Looking up, she saw him, the last person she wanted to see, standing, hand crossed in her room.


Kazim walked back to his room. He was to start packing his things, cuz he wouldn’t have the time after his appointment. He had expected to feel a little better for this new move, but he couldn’t understand why he felt so uneasy. He hadn’t really thought about what the procedure for this appointment was and what really happened in that room they allowed no one to enter. He would have to summon the courage to get in.

As he got close to his room, he felt a tug on his trousers; he turned back and saw the boy from his class.

“Uncle please wait”

“Is there any problem?”

“”Uncle please I have something to tell you”


“Please don’t do what you are about to?”

“What are you talking about?”

“I don’t know, but I know you are about to make a big mistake”

“I’m sorry boy, but you have to stay out of my business”

“I will, but please just think very well before you decide on what to do”

The boy turned and left and Kazim just stared blankly, with mixed feelings of confusion & surprise.

His unease increased as he reached his room, other boys were in and out, some just returned from training, walking towards his corner of the room, he sat on his bed and he jumped up when he felt something sharp under him. Looking down on the bed he saw a pin pointed up, feeling like the boys in the room were up to another of their numerous pranks he tried pulling the pin out, he discovered the pin held a paper. Pulling it out, he quickly looked round the room to make sure no one paid attention to him.

It had some notes, some drawings that looked like the blueprint of the camp, as he read on, it dawned on him, this might be Zara’s plan that she thought was with XC. Who must have put it here?

He turned it over and saw written at the back.

“It’s Zara, meet me at the unfinished building now”

He was now really troubled, what was going on, why would Zara take the risk of putting her plans under his sheets. She couldn’t have entered here, that means she sent someone, who is that?

“Did anyone come to my bed?” None of the boys answered him.

He walked back outside the door, towards the building, wondering why Zara would ask him to come there. They had agreed to meet after the morning assembly.


Zara stared at CC as he stood above her, she quickly got up from the ground and stood facing him.

“Good morning sir”

“What’s your name”

“Uhmm” She thought hard. She knew him, but he didn’t know her. She could hide her identity. “Uhmm, sir, my name, is Catherine”

“We have someone named Catherine in camp?”

“Yes sir, that’s my name”

“I heard of the traitor in this camp and I have direct instructions to do the search myself, so take this paper, write A-Z five times!”

She took the paper, scared to her teeth. She tried her best to write in a different hand writing from hers. She knew they had to be with the paper and probably needed to do a handwriting comparison.

He then searched the entire room, every corner, even the broken ceiling. Zara just stared at him, somehow grateful that the plan was stolen.

As he turned to go, he looked at her, with those eyes she had gotten so used to seeing on virtually every mans’ face in that camp.

“You, how could this kind of face, this body escape my eyes, how long have you been here?”

“I can’t remember sir, about 2 years” She lied

“Two years? I should be paying more attention. I’d check up on you soon, sweet thing”

He drew her face to him and just robbed his nose against hers. Her anger began to rise again when he withdrew. She knew what the check up meant and she knew she would never let it happen again.


Kazim walked into the unfinished building. There was no sign of anyone there.

“Zara” He whispered

“Are you there? It’s K”

There was no answer, the tension grew around him as he wondered what was going on

As he turned to leave he saw XC standing at the door, smiling.

“I won’t waste your time, my request is simple. I know you’re the closest to Zara, so I need this from you, are you listening?”

He knew where this conversation was going. In that instant, he knew Zara didn’t write the note.

“What do you want sir”

“I know those plans belong to Zara, that one I sent was just a photocopy, incase you tried to be smart and destroy it, I won’t expose her”

“If?” He knew there had to be a condition

“Smart boy. If you make her marry me”

“And if I don’t”

“Sai, you’re not as smart, then she dies of course. And you won’t be appointed as a leader anymore”



To be continued 7th of January…

What do you think Kazim should do?



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