ZARA – Episode 23

It was a very long second, time stood still as they looked into each others eyes willing themselves to talk, but their efforts seemed futile. The silence was loud enough to push even more tears out of their eyes.


Forgetting all her concerns, she ran straight to him. Grabbing him tightly, Kazim wished he could hug her too, but his hands were still tied together. He had wanted to see her ever since he was taken out of camp. He had sacrificed his life to save the people she fought hard to go meet. She was with him, and the joy he felt made him forget that he was supposed to be running.

Zara didn’t realise how much she had missed him, and this embrace made her feel like she was finally home. As her head rested perfectly against his broad chest, she knew she could breathe a little better, he was her safe place. This feeling lasted until…

“No, get away from me!!” ….She said sharply as remembered what he did

Kazim froze in shock as Zara pushed him hard on the chest and stepped back.

“Wha did I do“I can’t even look at your face right now, how can you be so heartless, and you even have the guts to hug me”

Kazim was lost, he wanted to say she was the one that hugged him, but that time didn’t seem good for jokes, so he just stood there with his mouth wide open. This was not the reunion he expected, he atleast thought she’d be happy to see him. When she hugged him, it felt like it, but he couldn’t wrap his brains around what just caused this change in reaction

“Z, I know I’ve been gone for a while, but you know I wouldn’t have gone if I had a choice”

“Oh sure, there’s always a choice Kazim, there’s always a choice”

Kazim knew that whenever she called his complete name, she was truly upset.

“It happened so fast, I was directed straight from the room to the car”

“So fast right? Tell me something Kazim, did you know their real identity or not”

“Ehn? What are you talking about?”

“My parents! Did you know they were my parents before you killed them! Tell me!”

She was talking in low but sharp tones as she kept hitting him on the chest out of frustration. She wanted to scream, but these guards might be around searching. Milan and the little boy stood by the tree, watching the whole charade with great shock.

“Oh  oh oh, you’re getting me all wrong Z, your parents are fine!”


“I met them Z, I couldn’t believe it”

“You mean…” She couldn’t find the words

“I don’t know why they want them killed, especially after all these years, but Z I didn’t do it”

“I don’t understand, XC said you had finished the assignment”

“I didn’t do it, and you found me running because I have questions to answer on why I failed and caused chaos”

Tears rushed out as she ran back into his arms. She heaved a sigh of relief, ofcourse her K wouldn’t do that to her. He wouldn’t take away the only hope she had.

“I don’t know what I would have done, if they were gone”

“I would never do that, to the woman I love”

She raised her head sharply “Uh?”

“Uh yeah, you’re my best friend Z, ofcourse I love you” He said, quickly switching the tone of his voice. This wasn’t the time for that.

Zara smiled “How are they K”

There it was, ‘K’. The familiar name he had waited to hear again.

“They looked quite okay, but not happy. They’ve marked the day of your death for the past ten years”

“What? Death?”

“Yes, news in the city is that most of the girls were killed”

“So why did they assume I’m among the dead ones?”

“Some girls were released for the press from the other camp and they didn’t find you among those girls, so I guess they assumed”

Zara could not believe what she was hearing. Her parents had thought she was dead?

“Did you tell them about me? I’m sure they have a bunch of other children”

“Yes, I chipped it in right before the police took me and no, they couldn’t have any other child”

“Wait, wait, police got you?”

“It’s a long story K, right now I’m not safe, we’re not safe, I have to keep going”

“Me too”

“That’s true, why are you running?” He looked past her shoulder to the children that stared at them “Why are they with you? What’s going on Z?”

“Married or not, I can’t stay with that beast, the plan must go through” She said, feeling more determined than ever, her K was here, and she knew it would be okay.

“Oh yeah, you’re married” It stung Kazim so hard as that reality hit him, Z was now married to that monster, that good for nothing murderer.

Zara had no reply for Kazim, she didn’t want to accept that marriage as a reality. She thought of a way to change the topic, and the perfect thought came to mind

“I killed UG”

K took in a breath, he almost cried again, oh his innocent Z, “How?”

“In the file room, it happened so fast”

“You went in the file room?”

“Yes, it’s a long story mehn, I was about to do same to XC when he threatened you and Milan”

“What? Okay I can understand my part in this, but Milan, how?”

Zara thought hard if she should tell him, and she didn’t know how Kazim would take the news.

“Uhmm, she uhmm” She didn’t have the time to complete the statement when they heard footsteps in their direction. They quickly ran behind the tree, it was wide enough to atleast hide their frames, Zara and Kazim held each other tightly, Milan and her friend stuck together too. Kazim needed Zara to get up from quickly before he lost his mind and refuse to let her go. He had thought about her all day and being away from her made it even worse.

“Where do you think he went?” It was the voice of the guard that was unconscious, apparently he had been revived and ofcourse even more angry. Zara and the rest tried to be as silent as possible.

The guard accompanied by two others, ran ahead, passing the tree.

As four of them walked out from behind the tree, they started moving immediately, running in the other direction to the right side, there were no paths, no footsteps, nothing to help them find a bearing.

“Wait a minute” Kazim haulted for a minute

“What, what, what is it? We have to keep going”

“I need you to help cut this rope off”

It was then Zara remembered he was still tied. I don’t have a knife with me

“I do” The little boy said, pulling out the pocket knife from his back pocket “I picked it up at XC’s apartment.

Zara quickly cut off the rope from Kazims hands and started out running again. Kazim caught her and spun her around, hugging her tightly again

“What are you doing?”

“I missed you so much, I really needed to do that”

Zara smiled slightly, willing herself not to be carried away.

“I missed you too K”

“And we’ll all be missing from this world if we don’t keep running”

Both of them looked down at Milan in shock

“So you can talk like this”  They chuckled a bit and kept running. Kazim not letting go of Zara’s hands.


XC was bleeding profusely, he feared for his life. He crawled over to the kitchen and got his knife, gnasing his teeth in pain, he pulled the bullets out of his legs, he knew he would have to seek medical attention, but that meant Zara would automatically be exposed. He didn’t care anymore. The girl was an ungrateful brat to him. He struggled to move his body to get to where his  phone was, and then he called CC.

“I’ve been shot”


“I said I’ve been shot”

CC bursted into  a fit of laughter. “By your woman?”

“Don’t laugh, this is not the time for mockery”

And slowly it dawned on CC

“Wait, wait, is she the traitor?”

Everything in XC wanted to say yes, expose her once and for all

“No, she’s not. We were using the gun for roll play and it mistakenly got fired”

“What, that’s the dumbest tool for roll play!”

“I need medicals in my place now”

“Ok, but the leader is looking for you, what do I tell him”

“Tell him exactly what I told you”

XC put down the phone, wondering what he would say when they discover Zara was not even in his house. On a second thought, he called back.

“Yes, she’s the one we’ve been looking for ”


They all ran, Zara and the other three, till they couldn’t anymore. Kazim had to carry Milan again at some point, Zara held back the tears as she saw both of them, brother and sister. She couldn’t keep it any longer.

“K I have to tell you something” Kazim stopped like the speed of light and turned to her.

“Milan is uhmm, I mean, she’s uhmm, related, well, she’s uhmm, BEND!!!” She pulled them all down as she spotted a red dot on Kazims forehead, a sniper was closeby. Before they knew it they were all surrounded, armed men all around.

Kazim and Zara looked at themselves, just with their springly loaded guns, they had to decide, should they go with them, or should they risk it, and defend themselves. Milan and the little boy were helpless standing there.

Kazim and Zara backed each other, pointing the guns in the opposite directions, watching each others backs

“K, just incase we don’t make it alive out of here, I should tell you.”

“Tell me, anything”

“Milan is your sister”


“Everybody hold your fire!” Instructions came from a man at the back, he was the leaders assistant

“That’s the leaders son, what are you doing here boy…”

Zara and Kazim turned to see who they were referring to, it was the young boy.

He kept his head down…………….


To be continued, strange things unfolding…

Please leave a comment below! Love you for reading as always!



To be continued…..New things unfolding, please leave a comment below!


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    I got so happy for them and now, I don’t even know what to feel
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    Menh! the suspence no be here oh!

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  3. I never experected this… Oh my God I’m filled with mixed feelings right now

  4. Hmmm. Strange things unfolding indeed. Watching out.

  5. The suspense menh! I thought this was their great day of escape.

  6. PLOT TWIST!! so after everything I’m still here again in suspense. No problem, Abi it is Sunday? We will manage and wait 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

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