Zara – Episode 21

Zara spun around swiftly at the sound of that name, she froze as she found both men looking at her, in total bewilderment. CC was shocked to see her in a wedding dress, XC was shocked to hear the name Catherine addressed to her.

“Who is Catherine?”

“I don’t understand, so it’s the Catherine I asked you to search for that you are getting married to?”

“She’s not Catherine, which Catherine”

“Yes she is. I can’t believe you found her all this time and went behind my back to get her to marry you”

“Went behind whose back? I don’t need your permission to choose a wife”

Zara just stood there and watched both men go back and forth. She would be glad if this spoilt the marriage plans, then she could focus on more important things like, getting out of camp and as a bonus, ending a few lives in here.

“But I told you to find her for me and you agreed”

“No you said I should look for Catherine, and she’s not Catherine”

Zara hoped they’ll keep up the argument long enough for her to sneak out , but before she could take the third step towards the door

“Isn’t your name Catherine?” CC shouted in her direction

She stood, frozen…


Milan and her new friend moved around XC’s apartment, searching for escape routes.

“How do we leave this place? Zara’s gone and XC took the key with him this time”

The boy stood there, thinking

“Hey, what are you doing just standing there”

“Wait, I’m thinking”

“Whatt’s there to think about, we need to either break through the window or remain here till they return”

“No, don’t you know we are to help Zara?”

“Uhmm, I’m not sure I follow”

“You didn’t come here to play hide and seek. You wanted to follow her right”


“Then you know you can’t follow her if she’s married”

Milan kept quiet for a few seconds.

“So we can’t wait here, what do we do”

His eyes turned to the intercom phone on the table, he looked at Milan and smiled

“Okay you’re looking at the phone and smiling, tell me we you someone to call”

“No I don’t”

“Ahn ahn, so of what use is the phone”

“We will call any number”

“Isn’t that risky?”

“It’s better than staying quiet here”

He didn’t wait for her response he dialled a random combination and put the phone to his ears.

To Milan’s surprise, it rang. On the second ring, someone picked

“Who is it?” The strange voice answered. Panic engulfed him and he threw the phone down, ending the call.

Meanwhile, the leader held his intercom in his hand, wondering who had called him from XC’s apartment.


Kazim tried to break free from the strap around his arm and feet. His screams were futile.

“Please God, please. I know you are with me, show me the way of escape as you promised”

There was nothing, just silence, loud humming silence. Tears trickled down his face. Zara would be married in a short while. It was dark already, and there was nothing he could do.

She was all he had, no family, no other friends, ten years now and he would lose her in a matter of minutes.

He wept bitterly, the only other time he had cried this hard was in the hotel room back in town, before he went for his assignment. He remembered Zara’s parents, and no matter what they thought of him, he was happy they were still alive. He wondered what would have happened if the camp had given someone else this assignment. That man in the prison had said a few things about Jesus, the one he only knew to be a prophet, he didn’t know why, but something in him, or something about his prison friend, made it feel real. Maybe Jesus was bigger than he thought afterall, perhaps God.

“Hey you” The voice snapping him out of his thoughts. He looked up to see one of the guards infront of him, hands crossed along his chest. How long had he been standing there watching him get lost in thoughts.


“You’re coming for the wedding, all new appointees must be present, you’ll be tagging along with me though and this beauty.” The guard said, swinging a handcuff in his face.

Kazim wanted to smile, atleast he would be one step closer to seeing Z, but it took less than a second for the smile to fade. He wouldn’t want to watch her marry another man, his heart wouldn’t take it. All the same, he was offered an opportunity to leave the room, and he would take it

“Uhmm, okay”

He whispered a silent “thank you, thank you Jesus”. He paused, shocked at himself, he didn’t know when Jesus blurted out of his mouth. But it felt good, he could even say it felt right.


Zara stood infront of both men, and did a rapid lie composition in her head.

“Yes, Catherine is my middle name”

“Ehn” XC just stared at her like she was in a movie

“Both are my names”

“Which one is both? What’s the first name” CC still lost

She couldn’t lie now “Zara”

“What? You’re the Zara”

“Oops, that means both of you must have talked about me”

They just looked at each other, speechless, and a little embarrassed.

“So you’re marrying her?”

“Uhmm obviously”

The door flung open and the leader stepped in

Both men stood erect like they were giving some sort of salute. Zara just crossed her arms and stared him down

“I finally get to meet this Zara. Fiesty, I like that….. Now kneel down”

XC gave Zara a look that said “Girllll, you better gum your knees to the floor”

“Is it some kind of punishment? I don’t understand”

XC and CC were literally afraid for Zara, was she mad? Before they could put their thoughts together, a guard had hit Zara to the floor

“I see why people feel free to rebel over here, you guys are getting soft on them”

“No sir, we are doing exactly as instructed”

“I said you can marry whoever you want, I didn’t say you should fall in love with them first. Marriage here is a seal, a right of ownership. XC take your woman, let’s do this quickly, and when we are done, you all would let me know how one of your men died in the file room, right under your noses”

XC pulled Zara up but she shoved his hand from her

The leader noticed and laughed

“The stubborn ones are always the sweetest to climb, good choice my boy”

They all walked out with Zara heavily guarded, XC didn’t trust her one bit

The camp was gathered, Zara saw them from the end of the aisle. And then she looked closer,

Kazim was sitted, right at the back.

She began to cry………….


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