ZARA – Episode 20

XC was sceptical about sitting on the couch, this girl had tried to kill him just a short while ago, why was she smiling and giving him all kinds of sexy faces.

Damn, why is she this beautiful. He chose not to be swayed.

“Well, I don’t have time to sit, I gotta prepare for the ceremony, we can’t keep the leader waiting”

“Just for a short time, I’ll be quick”

“Whatever you want to do, we can do after the wedding”

Zara was getting frustrated, Milan and the young boy sat behind the couch with a rope. And then it occurred to her, she hadn’t really told them what to do with it.

“Okay, whatever, it’s your loss”

“You being mine is all I’m interested in”

She rolled her eyes as he walked into the room. The children sat on the floor, shaking in fear, well, only Milan looked extremely scared.

“You’re marrying him?” Milan whispered in confusion

“I’d rather not, but I don’t seem to have a choice right now”

“There’s always a way out” The young boy said, looking straight into her eyes

“What do you mean?”

“It’s all in believing and listening to the voice inside”

“There is no voice inside me. Oh wait, there is a voice o, a voice that only says one word”

“What’s that?”


Zara got up and attempted to open the door, but XC had locked it and made sure to take the keys with him.

“Damn it! How do you guys leave now?”

“We are going out of here with you” Milan said

Zara looked at Milan and remembered the threat XC made. She couldn’t let this girl be harmed for her sake.

“I can’t let you come with me”

“You can’t leave me here”

“I’m going to the wedding”

“Yes, I’ll be there with you, I’ll join you to escape the wedding”



“Because I can’t!”

“Tell me why!”

“Because I tried it once!” Five years ago, I was younger and I met a girl like you too”

“What happened?”

“The leader at that time, he took her. I never heard about her again. News went round that she was sent on a suicide bomb assignment”

The room was quiet, no one knew what to say. XC’s footsteps were heard and the children hid behind the couch.

“It’s time, let’s go”

Zara didn’t argue, but tears trickled down her face as XC took her hand and walked her out of the house, locking the door behind him and taking the key with him.


Kazim was moved as passer-by’s in camp watched and whispered among themselves, into the investigation room, an empty space with one chair in the middle. Reluctantly, he was placed on the chair and the strap wrapped both arms

A strange face was interrogating him this time, and he tried not to show his anxiety.

“So I’ll ask you this just once. What happened at your assignment location?”

“Nothing much, just a couple of bombing here and there”

“Oh so that’s how we’re going to play it”

“You all know what happened, the police came”

“They just came on their own?”

“I didn’t call them. I don’t even know how to call them”

“So if the people in the house called them, how did they suspect you?”

“I don’t know”

“Did you tell them who we are?”

“I don’t even know who we are”

“I don’t have time for this. If you meet the leader, you’ll be sorry. And infact, I have a wedding to get to. So let’s make this fast and easy, or we can still go the long route, I’m available for both methods”

“You can go for your wedding, I have nothing more to say”

The man kept quiet for a few seconds

“Very well then, you’ll be here in the heat and hunger, till I return. While I go eat and be merry, XC always makes sure I eat well at his ceremonies. Poor girl, she’s like the 8th now”


“The whole camp knows her, fine young thing XC got there”

The room was spinning for Kazim, was it Zara? As the door flung shut, he bursted out into tears, no, she couldn’t have agreed. He imagined all she must have been through that would make her do this. She would expect him to help her, she would want him to show up, she would need him right now.

“Somebody help!!!”


Zara’s parents sat in the hotel room and talked about the case they were building up. Her mum got up and began to pace back and forth, hands on her hips.

“That young boy said my baby is alive. I just can’t seem to get it out of my head”

“He probably just wanted us to let him go”

“I don’t think so”

“Let’s begin the case fully and we’ll get our lawyer to ask him formally”

“Hmmm, I want to ask him myself, I want to know what he knows about my daughter”

“Let’s call our lawyer first” He was already dialling the number as he spoke


“Yes, Barr. Badmus, it’s me..”

“Yes sir, I know who is speaking”

“My wife wants to have a session with the young man we are filing against”

“Uhmm, sir, uhmm, you know”

“What’s that?”

“Sir, there is a slight change in arrangements”

“What change?” He said as he put the phone on speaker for his wife to hear

“The young man is no more there”

“He was moved to another prison?”

“No sir, he isn’t in any prison”

“He got bail?”

“No sir. I mean he is nowhere to be found”


Zara’s mum was almost screaming as she heard the conversation

“I said it! This young man is sneaky!”

“Calm down dear”

“How on earth will someone escape a federal prison!”

“We have to see the officer that attended to us that day”

“We will, tomorrow”

“Today! Why are you hesitant!”

“I’m not hesitant, we have to stride carefully, we nearly got killed, who says they are not still trying”

Zara’s mum was not satisfied with that answer.

She sat on the bed, fuming and making deliberate noises with her legs

“Baby” Zara’s dad moved over to her “If our girl is out there anywhere, I will go to the ends of the earth to get her, but we must be careful. You know you’re all I have”

She calmed down a bit…

“My baby is out there, I know she is… I hope she is”


The camp gathered at the palm yard for the wedding ceremony as they waited for the leader, the groom and the bride to come out.

Meanwhile inside, XC sat with CC as they waited for the leader.

“What will you tell the leader when he asks about the suspicious traitor”

“I’ll tell him I have settled it.”

“How did you settle it”

“If he insists, I’ll give him a name”

“Whose name?”

“Don’t worry about it” XC said, smiling coyly.

“You better make sure it’s not my name. Well, hmmm, you’re actually doing this marriage thing”

“It can’t be your name. And yes, she’ll be my last”

“And I haven’t even seen her o”

“You must have seen her, Zara, she’s hard to miss”

“I’ve heard that name a couple of times”

“You can even see her now, she’s in the other room. The leader is still talking on the phone.

Both men walked out to the next room and as they opened the door, two people were in shock, Zara and CC.



To be continued, 22nd April, 2018. I love you for reading! Please leave a comment o. All my silent readers, please show o…

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