Zara – Episode 19

The reality of XC’s statement dawned on Z as she shifted restlessly in her chair. This was not the plan, was she really going to be stuck here with this man. On a second thought, was there any need of going out of the camp, if the only person she trusted had murdered her parents in cold blood?

“What time is the wedding?”

“In one hour, the leader wastes no time”


“How long do we have till we get to camp?”

“About one hour, thirty minutes” The drivers voice responded

“Where are we exactly?”

“I can’t tell you that”

“Okay, can you atleast tell me how I was able to walk freely out of the prison”

“That’s not for you to know, just be glad that you’re out, this time”

Kazim had a lot more questions, but this driver wasn’t encouraging at all”

Kazim sat back and thought of what his fate held. He hoped it was not so obvious that he had tried to help Zara’s family escape. He wondered where they might be now, probably looking for a place to stay. But through all his thoughts, he couldn’t keep Zara out of his mind, a breeze of relief came over him when he remembered he didn’t kill Zara’s family. He would definitely have not been able to face her again.

The car suddenly bumped into a pothole on the road, and the driver sighed loudly

“Mtchew, Nigerian roads”

“Oh so we are in Nigeria”

Stammering, the driver tried to cover up what he had said

“Uhmm, no, I’m just”

“Where in Nigeria are we?”

“That’s none of your business, the camp isn’t here anyway”

“I’m not asking of the camp, I’m asking where my assignment was!”

Coming to a rapid halt the driver pulled out a pocket pistol and pointed it at him

“One more silly question from you and you won’t ever get to find out!”

K just slouched back into his seat and turned his head away, compliant. The book his roommate had given him had fallen to the car floor and he picked it up calmly.

Flipping through the pages, he observed it was divided into chapters and smaller verses like the book he had in camp. His eyes fell on a line in the book

“…………but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it”

He had no idea what that meant, but the word ‘escape’ stood out to him, was this even considered an escape, or was this the beginning of a greater bondage.

He read a the words above those lines

“……but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able….”

As he looked at the God that was written there, he knew, deep down within him, that this wasn’t the same God he had known all his life. Neither was it the one he was killing for.

Curious, he flipped through, page by page, he found a part in the book titled “Luke” He read in amazement, this name Jesus, sounded familiar, he had learnt of him in the camp, as one of the prophets. This story he read could not have been the story of just any prophet. He kept reading and thinking, getting even more shuffled up in his brain, he wanted to know more, he had gone halfway through ‘Luke’ when the car stopped.

“Time to face the music, we’re here. And how unlucky you are, the leader is already here”

The door was opened and his heart dropped, he was back to the camp… Oh well, a little flicker of excitement though, he silently hoped she had escaped already, but he also wished she had waited for him, he missed his Z…


Zara looked again at the mirror and even though her face was packed with different kinds of make-up, she felt dirty and ugly. What would K think of this? Oh well, he could think whatever, murderer like him.

“I’ll be gone for a few minutes, don’t try anything silly, you know the consequence”

She just looked at him, not agreeing or disagreeing. The women that got her ready stepped out too and XC jammed the door. Locking it from outside.

Zara would not be Zara if she listened to XC, getting up and looking around for a way out of there, she was startled when she heard a knock on the door.

Tip-toeing, she walked and peered out of the window, to her amazement, she found Milan, and the young boy from K’s class, she never got to know his name.

“What are you doing here?” She mouthed in front of the window”

As she tried to enquire, she heard the door knob turn and the door flung open.

“How did you open it?”

“We saw were he dropped the key”

“What? Saw, how?”

“That’s not important, you have to run, this is the only chance”

“I don’t even know where to run to, and you Milan, why did you come here, you want to get in trouble? I told you I’d come for you!”

“They said the leader is here, and he really likes small girls, aunty Zara I know what that means and I’m so scared, take me with you please”

It was then Zara noticed the slight resemblance between Milan and Kazim. This was Kazim’s family.

“And you young boy, how does all this concern you?”

“I showed her were you are”

“And how did you know where I was?”

“Someone told me”


“You’ll know him soon, just leave now”

“So you why are you still here, with all the help of this ‘certain someone’ that keeps talking to you”

“That’s a story for another day”

“Oh well, another day that may never come”

Zara held unto Milan’s hands and moved towards the door, as she held the knob, she sighted XC coming towards the building. They quickly ran back inside and she directed them to slide behind the couch.

XC observing the unlocked door, entered in with a rush, only to find Zara seated on the couch, fanning herself.

“I thought you had left”

“I’m right here”

“Let’s go, it’s time”

“Not without me giving you my gift darling”

“What’s that?”

“Come, sit on the couch, and I’ll show you”



To be continued, 15th April, 2018

I hope this was longer (*winks). Please leave a comment below, Kazim is about to witness Z’s wedding followed by his trial. Zara’s own issue ehn, plus Milan’s extra load, drop your comments my loves.

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  1. I wonder what the gift will be!!!

    1. We’ll soon know o 😊

  2. Like seriously. This is becoming serious I hope xc would not find out that someone is beside the couch.
    Ooops! They would be in big trouble.

    1. Fingers crossed o

  3. Breathtaking Grear piece sis

    1. 😚

  4. Awesome & full of suspense as usual. Hope the wedding won’t hold.

    1. Fingers crossed o 😊

  5. Hmmm.. Suspense filled… Om guessing death will be the wedding gift

    1. I should say amen to that 😊 but uhmm, let’s see what the story says this sunday. Fingers crossed!

  6. Episodes 18& 19 are really interesting. Like the part where Kazim’s temporary prison mate narrated his story. I really love that part. And the part where a “certain someone” has been talking to the boy who opened the door, and then the possibility of Milan being Kazim’s sister. Awesome!!! Also wondering what Zara plans to do by asking XC to join her in the couch.

    1. Thank you for your consistency! Let’s see where all these parts of the story leads!!!

  7. You see why I told you I liked reading this way?? ☺ now I’d just slide right into the next episode and keep enjoying this one! 🕺🏾 🔥 😁

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