ZARA – Episode 17

ZARA – Episode 17


She didn’t know what to think in that moment, her K would never even consider doing that, he knew what they had planned and more importantly how much she really wanted to get back to see her parents.

“No, no, he wouldn’t”

“Hehehe, oh yes he would, he must have finished it all by this time and should be on his way back”

Zara felt extremely weak just thinking of the possibility. She began to cry, the tears rolled out uninterrupted.

“There’s no time for tears, you have to get ready for the leaders arrival.” XC snotted

“Well, I don’t believe you” She wiped her tears as she tucked in the gun behind her and sat up straight.

“Well, I can’t do anything about that can I”

A knock was heard on the door, and XC opened it to find two ladies standing in front

“You sent for us to come sir, we’re here for the bride preparation”

Zara looked at them in shock, she didn’t expect it to be so soon


Kazim had never been to a police station before so he had no idea if this was just a prison or just a police station, he was led into a small room with just a bed that reminded him of the beds at camp, after this assignment, he was to get a better bed as a leader. His bum nearly touched the floor as he sank into the weak springed bed.

“Why would they just leave me high and dry here!” he muttered, wondering why the driver disappeared without notice. He knew the people at the camp were more equipped than the police, so why didn’t they come to help him out of here. He had no phone number to call, no lawyer, no idea on what to do.

The cell door opened and another man walked in.

“Hey, you’re new here. Welcome”

“Uhmm, thank you, but I’m not here for long”

“Hahaha, don’t get your hopes up”

“Who are you?”

“I’m your roommate obviously”

“How long have you been here”

“22 years”


“Yeah, I get that reaction a lot. What were you sentenced for?”

“I don’t know a lot about the procedures”

“What did the judge say?”

“I have not seen any judge”

“Ah ah, how? You haven’t been to court?”

“I just came in today”

“And they brought you straight here?”


“Something is wrong then, you only get here after you are convicted”

“I have not been convicted”

“What are you here for, as in, what did you do”

The question Kazim avoided

“I’d rather not talk about it”

“Yeah, no one wants to talk, just incase they’re worse than the other guy. Look, I’ve been here 22 years. You don’t het this length of jail time for stealing a biro”

Kazim understood what he meant, this guy must have done something really terrible, but he wasn’t going to tell him that the reason he was here is because…. What was the reason actually?

“I relaly can’t explain, but I know I didn’t do anything wrong”

“Oh, false accusations right? I’ve seen many like you, serving time for somebody’s crime”

“It’s not someones…” He paused, really lacking words. This man, broad shoulders, defined arms, probably over 6ft tall, didn’t seem to scare him, infact he looked like someone that could be trusted, but he knew the fate he would encounter if he told this man.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to tell me. Whatever it is, it doesn’t have to define you”

“I don’t understand what you mean”

“I was young and desperate, I wanted it all, my father died when I was two years old, leaving my mother in deep debt, we were so poor that I couldn’t even tell anyone about my family, that life was so hard, watching my mother cry everyday as she sat by the muddy roads selling sachet water and the big cars splashing the dirty mud on her as they sped by, while she asked us to go and beg the people that passed by the highways. I walked over to this man in his car one day, and he told me he would not only give me cash but he would show me how to make it. He handed me N5,000 that day and demanded I meet him in the same place the next day”

Kazim didn’t know where this story was leading, but something about this man made him listen.

“N5,000 was the largest amount we had gathered all year long and my mum danced so hard with her wrapper on her chest. I loved seeing her smile, so I was determined to meet the man that would show me how to make her smile permanent.”

The door of the cell opened and an officer came in

“Call for you” The officer said, pointing in the direction of Kazim

“Call, who would call me, I don’t know anyone out here”

“Will you pick the call, or you’d ask me stupid questions, how e take concern me” The tired officer blurted, getting impatient

“Go, it may be important”

“You’ll tell me the rest soon”


Kazim answered the phone, it was a strange voice on the other end

“Who is it?”

“Someone is coming to get you out of there in a few minutes. Don’t respond, just end the call”

Kazim ended the call and turned back toward the cell room.

“That was brief for a first call from your lawyer” The call room officer remarked passively

But Kazim knew that was definitely not a lawyer.


Zara watched the ladies enter into the room rolling a box behind them.

“Don’t be nervous, I wanted this final wedding to be nice”

She rolled her eyes and looked the other way

“Like I care”

“Oh girl, you know you have to be nice right now right?”

“No I don’t”

“You better, I have you on lock down”

“Is that so?”

Rage built up again, the same rage she felt in the file room with UG, this time she had a gun.

One of the ladies walked up to her to unbutton her dress and get her ready, suddenly she hit the lady hard on the forehead with her elbow and kicked the second lady hard on the chest, both fell, unconscious, XC stood with his mouth wide open, before gaining his composure

“Oh so that’s how you want to play it, that’s the road you want to take, well, I’ve been down that road a million times”

Zara brought out the gun from behind her and pointed it to XC

“Oooh, you don’t want to do that” He said smiling coily

“Oh you have no idea how much I want to”

“I know you’re the traitor, and one phone call to the leader will have you gone”

“I’d rather die”

“Yeah ofcourse, that’s still fine by me, but I wonder what would happen to those closest to your heart”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh you’ve forgotten about your precious K and Milan”

“Milan? How does this concern Milan”

“She is Kazims sister”



To be continued, 1st April 2018.

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  1. Hmmmm. The suspense, the creativity, the story line is just so cool. 👍

    1. Gracias ma’am. Let’s continue this journey together! ❤

  2. Milan’s Kazim’s sister???


    1. Na So we see am o 😊

  3. Thus suspense is killing me

    1. Don’t die o abeg

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