ZARA -Episode 15

“What are you talking about?”

“I called the police. They’ll be here in a few minutes. My love, I don’t trust this man. He may be working with the people that killed our baby”

“What have you done! We could’ve atleast followed his instructions till we are safe. He is still here, what if he has a bomb on him or something. He can let it blow up at anytime”

“Or what if his so called safety is a death trap to get us to where we will actually be killed with no evidence”

Zara’s dad paused for a moment, thinking

Kazim began to get worried at the length of time it took the couple to come out. He was working on a very short time span here and they needed to leave  if they were going to escape. Pacing back and forth across the living room, he hought to go find them, and as he turned towards the corridor he saw both of them walking out together and in a few seconds he could detect, they had something planned.

“Okay sir you’re out of the rest room”

He quickly wrote on his notepad

“Please whatever it is you are planning, don’t do it, for both our sakes, I really want us all to leave here alive”

In absolute shock, they stared at each other, then at him, and back at each other.

“Yes I’m out, what were we talking about before I left?”

Zara’s dad picked up his pad and wrote

“We have nothing planned, we just don’t want to go with you anymore”

Kazim couldn’t believe what he was reading, wasn’t this the man that agreed a few minutes ago to do this and even went ahead to call his wife. What could have transpired in that room? He became even more anxious, sweat broke out all over his face and palm, getting his notepad.

“You were asking me a question, I can’t remember”

Sir, this is not a joke, we really need to leave right now

He began to hear sirens outside the house, his lips fell open as he stood in shock

“You called the police! What the heck!” He felt a movement on his chest and discovered the green light had changed to a beeping red, they had less than a minute to get out

“See what you’ve done! The bomb has been triggered!”


Zara moved into XC’s kitchen to find something to arm herself with. A knife, razor, scissors, or better still, a gun.

Searching frantically, she was shocked that she didn’t see even a spoon in his kitchen. She wondered what he ate with. She moved over to his bedroom and began to search everywhere, she had to be ready once they got out of camp, ready to fight her way out if need be.

XC on the other hand had his mind in shambles as he wondered at what he would do, the leader would be arriving in a short while and if he didn’t give a name, he would be finished.

He met CC at the bar looking almost as worried as he did.

“How far have you gone in the search?” CC’s eyes begging for a positive answer”

“Not far, I haven’t seen the person yet”

“Ah ah, I just spoke with the leader, if we don’t produce the person, it will be assumed that we are the guilty ones and I’m not ready to die o”

XC thought hard about telling CC, they were best of friends, but CC was too extreme when it came to matters like this, he wouldn’t care how he felt about Zara, he would not spare her. Maybe if it was this so called Catherine that he had been searching for, he would have found a way to avoid exposing her.

“Uhmmm, we can tell the leader that it was just a rumour, and we have searched and not found. By the way, who told the leader sef?”

“That’s not our biggest concern, we have to do something urgently, he is on his way”

“But I have to go quickly to town o”

“Yes, I want the leader to officiate my final marriage and the lady just got a broken leg, I have to take her to the main clinic”

“You have got to be joking! Now that your attention is needed the most, you want to go on what rubbish trip! Don’t even think about it!”

“Ahh, we are not sure when next the leader will return, so I need tp do this now, especially as I have discovered that my competition is out on his promotion assignment”

“Which competition, who is that”

“Someone competing for her attention, let me say no more, I don’t want you to start guessing”

“Why would I”

“Because you’ll probably have done the same thing if it was Catherine”

CC smiled as he remembered the face

“Oh yes, Catherine my disappearing Catherine”

“So can I go”

“Only if you want me to tell the leader that you have left camp to meet with the spy we are looking for”

In XC’s apartment, Zara kept searching for her back up. On the table in the corner she searched the pull-out drawer and she smiled largely when she found a gun.

She placed in it her overall as she returned and lay on the couch again, smiling to herself as she waited for XC


“Bomb! What bomb!”

“You’re under arrest”

“There’s no time to arrest me sef, we’re all gonna die”

“What? What do you mean”

Kazim was about to speak when he realized these people may still be listening”

He quickly wrote

“BOMB! Lets run!”

The police took to their heels, but one stubborn officer wouldn’t leave Kazims side. Kazim picked out the bomb from his side pocket and threw it inside the house. He also unplugged his communication device, assuming they’d guess it was blown up along with him. At the entrance door, Zara’s mum fell as she ran along with the men.

Kazim ran quickly and picked her up as they ran as fast as they could.

“We have just a few seconds on the clock, keep moving”

“If you like shout like pirate here, we are still arresting you”

They stood close to the end of the road down the street when they heard a loud bang and flames coming up high from Zara’s parents house, their neighbour began to cry also like she knew what was happy. Zara’s mum burst into tears, all their life precious memories had been in that house.

“All gone in a day!” She sobbed profusely “Where do I start from to live again. Zara’s mum ran to Kazim and started punching him hard.

“It’s all your fault, it’s your fault! We lost Zara, now even her documents, pictures and all are gone!”

Kazim felt the handcuffs go across his wrists as the police dragged him with him.

“You are under arrest sir”

“For what?”

“Are you joking right now? Attempted murder”

As Kazim was carried away, he knew he’d feel bad about being taken to prison, but he felt a huge relief knowing that Zara’s parents, even though homeless right now, were alive and safe. But none of these pains are compared to what he felt just thinking about the fact that he wouldn’t see her again, probably.

“Please ensure that they are kept safely. By the way, can I say something to the woman, the mother of zara.

“Zara’s mum came forward, and went closer to him

“Your daughter Zara is still alive”

To be continued, 18th March 2018

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  1. I love this twist sha. Nice!!! I appreciate your consistency. My fingers are crossed.

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