ZARA – Episode 13

ZARA – Episode 13

“Yes. The burial ceremony was the worst time of my life. I almost ran mad watching my daughter put into the ground” The mother said, tears forming at the corner of her eyes.

Kazim was as confused as ever, was this a different Zara she was referring to, or the Zara he left behind, his best friend for ten years.

“Uhmm, ma’am please when was this uhmm, death, so sorry if it’s too personal a question to ask”

“Yes it is too personal” The father cut in sharply

“Oh don’t mind my husband, he gets very edgy when people ask about the details, he still suspects everyone we come across”

Kazim didn’t realise when he started coughing, was Zara’s dad already suspecting him?

“Oh, I’m sorry, sir and ma, I mean no harm, I just wanted to know, that’s all”

“It’s ten years ago, the time flew by so fast, can’t even believe it’s been ten years since my baby was murdered”

“What? Murdered?”

“Yes, murdered by the heartless terrorist group”

“Sorry to ask deeper questions ma but did you see your daughters’ dead body?”

This question quickly caught the father’s attention

“We got her remains, they said she was burnt alive, so we couldn’t recognize her. Why are you asking us this?” The father enquired, tilting forward from his seat

“Did you run a DNA test on the body, a dental match? Anything to be sure it was her?” His emotions were taking over him and he almost forgot about his assignment there

“Young man what do you know about my daughter!!!” The father screamed grabbing him by the suit collar and pulling him up from his sit.

Kazim shook intensely as he realized the part of his collar the man held was where the bomb was, he might open it up mistakenly. At the same time, he realized something, something that hadn’t dawned on him. He didn’t have the heart to kill these people, he just couldn’t do this to Zara. He loved her. Just that thought made him smile for a second in his heart before he switched back to reality.


“Sir please, I am begging you, let me go. Remove your hands from my collar gently, I beg you” He said, hoping with all his heart that there would be a way out.


Zara dragged UG to one corner of the room and turned towards the file corner, she had to get what she needed and leave that room as soon as possible, she couldn’t risk being caught. Upset that she wasn’t able to get her surname from UG before taking him out, she looked restlessly at the piles of folders she would have to go through. At the extreme right hand of the room, she found a computer.

“Damn it!” She hit her hands on the desk as she realized she needed a password. That might have made it easy for her to locate her information, and perhaps Kazims too. Kazim, she thought about him again.

“Where the heck is that boy” She needed him, she would always need him.

Searching the entire room for clues on the password, she gave up and started out with the files, opening them up one by one. This was harder than she expected.

Some of the papers were old and rusty, she sneezed several times as she wiped the dust off the surface, just to read the names on the files. As she searched, Zara’s attention was divided as she suddenly heard footsteps coming in the direction of the file room, she dropped the files on the ground and ran quickly behind one of the shelves.

“Ahh, this is not the time to be found, no no no”

The door swung open and she saw a man come in, he moved over to the place UG laid, nonresponsive, and touched him, she didn’t recognize the man she saw, and she knew every single person on the camp. This was a strange man, he didn’t panic, he just stood erect and smiled, walking out of the room.

“Who the hell is that? Why didn’t he raise an alarm?” She muttered below her breath.

As he shut the door and left, she knew she had to leave that room, that man might go call others, and  she was right. Some more footsteps were heard coming in the same direction. She quickly ran across the room and straight into the lavatory. Looking up she found a lose ceiling, she climbed onto the toilet sit and up into the roof of the building, it was there she realized something she had no idea had been her fear. Heights.

Her eyes were spinning, her fingers sweating, and her temple hurting, as she crawled through the ceiling. It was dark and she could barely find her way around. She knew her way around the camp, but she definitely didn’t know her way around the ceiling, she might as well fall into an official’s office. And that would most likely be the end of her fight.

There were a lot of car noises and yeah, it was obvious, UG was being carried out, meaning, another search would be conducted. She had to get back to her room, far away from the scene.

Zara held on to the wood in the ceiling as she tried eaves dropping on conversations in the different rooms she crawled over in the ceiling. She could barely hear them. She laid her ears closer to the ceiling and that was when she heard someone say, “looks like the killer left a knife.

“Oh shit!” She touched her pocket and discovered, her knife was not with her.

“No, this can’t be happening!”


Kazim, swallowed hard as he begged with his eyes for this man to let his collar go. Finally he let him go.

“Sir, understand that I don’t know anything about your daughter, I was just asking to confirm if the story I heard at the office is true. You know your daughter’s death made the headlines at our office, I just didn’t know it was this girl you were talking about”

As Kazim spoke this words, he was conscious that the letter stated something about his conversation being monitored. He might have already messed up but he wasn’t going to let them trigger this bomb on their own.

He got up and moved over to the table, Zara’s father and mother watched him as he used his hands to tell them to be calm. He picked up a notepad and a biro he found on the table and decided to write the truth to them instead.

Please sir and ma calm down. Just keep on interacting with my spoken conversation and say nothing of what I am writing. Some people are listening to us now.

The two adults in front of him could not believe what they were reading. Zara’s mum quickly ran and got out another notepad and pen and wrote

Who are you?


Zara decided to sit up there in the ceiling, till whatever time these people left. When she could here no more noise, she crawled in the direction of the small light she found at the edge of the ceiling, hoping it would lead to somewhere she can run from, Getting there she found out it was the edge of the building, facing the empty land, so she jumped, hitting her leg so hard on the ground she felt a dislocation. Holding herself from screaming in pain, she limped to the side and found XC.

“Uhmm, oh hi” She said, faking a smile

“Zara? What? How? What are you doing here?”

“Oh me, yeah, I eh, just wanted to uhmm, you know, just uhmm”

XC looked at her with great suspicion, not until she smiled at him and held his arm

“I came to accept your proposal”


To be continued, Sunday, 4th March, 2018

Phew!!! I’m literally as tensed as you are right now. Please leave a comment below my darlings. I love you endlessly for reading!

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  1. I’m loving this! Extremely tensed up but this is awesome. You write beautifully. Can’t wait to know what comes next.

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  3. This is awesome!

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  4. Lol…

    Zara the schemer…

    Guess she’ll kill XC too…

    Suspense on all sides…

    Really hard to predict what happens next…

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  5. Okay I never really had the time until to read this . It is super amazing girl!!! Keep it up! I’m seriously tensed right now

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  6. Ah kazim do u hv d heart to spill milk?.Get write up sis,you’re keeping me glued to these series o

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  7. I’m not sure I’ll last long enough with this suspense o,great write up sis

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