ZARA – Episode 12

She had to tread with caution, there was a knife to her throat, and that look on UG’s face was a look she had seen just once before, and the person he gave that look, to cut the long story short, ended his day 6ft below ground level.

“UG hold on, what are you talking about”

“Don’t play ignorant, I know you are here for your file and you just want to use me to get it. But what I don’t understand is why you have a knife on you. Why do you think I was rubbing on you? You were planning to do something to me right?”

“To you? What for? I found that knife just outside, I needed it to open my room door when I get back, I lost my key”

“Lies, lies, blatant lies”

She was getting nowhere in convincing him. She had to do what she had to do.

Pointing to the door, she feigned surprise

“Is that the leader at the door?”

UG turned around, distracted, and there it was, her only chance, she grabbed his left hand that had the knife and twisted it to his back, using her head, she gave him a hard hit on his forehead, he staggered a little bit before using his free hand to grab her neck as her other hand held on to his hand that had the knife. As Zara moved a step back to regain her balance, she tripped on a fallen book on the ground and she fell on the floor dragging UG with her, the fall caused his hand to be free again as he still held unto the knife, he was now on top of her, he raised his hands up and brought it down speedily towards her abdomen, she raised her hands above her and blocked the hit, pushing his arm upwards as he pressed harder, the knife going closer and closer to her belly. She diverted from his hands and used her fingers to poke into his eyes, screaming in pain, the pocket knife fell off from his hands and she punched him hard multiple times on his neck, directly on his throat, as he coughed and choked, sprawling on the floor, she grabbed the pocket knife swiftly and held unto his neck as tight as she could, pinning him to the ground, she would have stabbed him right there, but she had something to say

“For all those years you tormented me, and made me a slave of your drugs and drinks, I hope you rot in the hottest part of hell, you stinking serpent” She watched his eyes lose strength as the pupil disappeared and his struggling hands let go and fell to the ground, she held on to his throat till she couldn’t feel his pulse anymore, he lay there, lifeless.

She got up and stepped aside, covered in blood and bruises from the knife struggle, this was her first kill, and it just dawned on her, she had taken a life. There was a tiny bit of worry in her, but all her piled up anger quenched any guilt that tried to arise.

She bent her kneck to both sides and stretched her arms out.

“One down”……… She turned around, clicking her knockles.


Kazim wept for a good thirty minutes before summing up the courage to open the envelope, he had waited for an answer, a sign, or whatever Ballam Ruallam could do to show him what to do. He couldn’t understand how this killing of his best friend’s family was an honour.

He got up from the edge of the bed and moved towards the table, the envelope was black and sealed. He sat on the reading chair in front of the table as he broke the seal on the envelope.

Looking into the envelope, he found some papers; as he unfolded the first paper he touched, he read it; it was a letter from the leader

Kazim, this is a direct assignment from me, you must carry it out with precision. The other letter in the envelope is not for you to read, you must hand it over to the lady wearing a necklace similar to the one in this envelope, ensure she reads it before her life is ended.

There is an item in the envelope in the likeness of a pen, do not open it. You must drop it at the house when you have made sure that everyone in the picture (also included in your envelope) is present and make sure you leave the premises a maximum of five minutes after you drop it and open it.

The family is having a remembrance celebration today, so you’ll go in and make sure you fit in. Don’t worry, we would call them.

This is an order, if this is not carried out, you will take their place and will never see her again, you know who I mean …  

Finally remember, leave no witnesses…

His hands were shaking as he read through the letter apparently from the leader himself. He looked into the envelope again and found the necklaces the leader mentioned; it was a gold chain with half a circle on the pendant. There was also a picture in the envelope, it was a family picture, a man and a woman looking to be in their mid-thirties and a young girl, looking closely, he was sure, that was little Zara.

The tears flowed endlessly from his eyes, what was going on was the worst thing he had ever imagined. He heard a knock on his door, it was the driver

“It’s time sir, please select an outfit and start getting ready”

Lying on the bed were three pairs of suits, he was told to go into the house as a government official, and he was also told to fit into the event, how on earth was he supposed to do that.

He couldn’t care less which suit he wore, so he just picked one randomly, took a shower and got dressed. Brushing his hair, he looked into the mirror, afraid of what he saw, who he had become. Would he be able to look at himself again after this?

He knelt down and bowed his head to the ground and prayed.

“Ballam Ruallah, god of the universe, show me what to do, because I still can’t believe this is what you want, infact, I don’t understand what you are trying to do here, what is wrong with you! You are very wicked, are you mad? How can you let them send me on such assignment, you must be blind, deaf and dumb, you can’t even tell me what to do!” He didn’t know how his prayer turned from asking for help to abusing his god. But the more he tried; he still had no good words to say to Ballam Ruallah. So he stopped praying to him

“Okay, whatever god is out there, anyone available, show me what to do to get out of this, and please, Zara must not be hurt” He spoke, frustrated and at the end of his rope.

As he stepped out of his room and into the car again, his heart was beating out of proportion, he thought he’d catch a stroke in that moment. He closed his eyes and took deep breaths, failing to calm his nerves as his clenched jaws began to hurt from so much clenching.

They got to the gate of the house and the driver blew his horn; a gateman opened the gate and stepped out.

“Sorry, who are you?”

The driver took down the window at Kazims end of the car so that he can talk to the gate man, Kazim had to comport himself and speak, which was the hardest thing to do, especially with a bump just sitting calmly in his breast pocket.

“Uhmm, my name is, is uhmm” He realised he shouldn’t use his own name

“M-mm-y name is Jacob, I work with the government and I am the representative sent to attend the remembrance, my boss called your oga”

“Okay, let me ask him” The gateman ran in and return barely a minute later, and opened the gate with no more questions.

Kazim got out of the car and it felt like the pen in his pocket weighed over 200 pounds, that was the weight of the fear and panic that overwhelmed him. He stopped in his tracks as he saw the two people in the picture, come out to welcome him. Most especially, his eyes couldn’t leave the woman, she was gorgeous and a stunning replica of Zara. If he doubted their connection earlier, he had zero doubts now, these were Zara’s parents.

“Oh welcome, Mr Jacob?”

“Oh sorry, it’s a little dusty in the air right now” He said as he wiped his eyes with a face towel, trying to hide the tears that went rogue.

They shook hands and let him in

“Your boss told us that is was a Mr Felix that was coming”

Confused he looked at both of them with a forced smile

“Oh uhmm, yes, That is my middle name, what I’m called in the office”

“Oh, everyone calls you Felix?”

“Oh no, just my boss”

“Oh I see”

He noticed that Zara’s father didn’t seem so comfortable with him, and that made him all the more worried. He decided to start off with a little talk to ease the tension

“I’m v-very exc-c-cited to be here” He said, stammering a bit

“Thank you for coming, we are surprised to have a visit from the government after so many years of this incident”

“What incident ma”

“Oh, they didn’t inform you about today

“It’s our baby, Zara’s birthday today”

“What?” He screamed before realizing his mistake “Oh uhmm, sorry, really? You have a daughter?”

“You seem to know so little about the people you are visiting sir” Zara’s father chipped in, more investigative than Zara’s mother

“Sorry sir, this was a last minute assignment, in fact I am standing in for a colleague”

“Hm” Zara’s father, not satisfied with the answer

“Anyway, we had a daughter and named her Zara”

“That’s a uhmm, a beautiful name ma”

“Yes, it is, anyway, today is her remembrance, she died ten years ago”




To be continued, Sunday, 25th February 2018

Zara’s revenge, Kazims choice, what lies ahead

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    Am down with Tear’s, am feel so much for zara and her family. kazim please made the right choice.

  2. Message:Message:
    Am down with Tear’s,I feel so much for Zara and her family. kazim please make the right choice.

    1. 😢😢 amen o

  3. The story line keeps getting more and more intriguing… Kudos Ma but please ehn could you make it a big longer and reduce the suspense small… Lol

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