ZARA – Episode 11

ZARA – Episode 11

He had felt his heart stop too many times already for one day, but this one topped them all. He moved closer to the old rusty frame and his fears were confirmed, “Zara at 8” was written below the picture. Why would they send him here, what had Zara’s family done to them? These were the people Zara was trying to break out to meet, and he was to kill them all? He couldn’t even swallow his own saliva as it felt like there was a huge lump stuck in his throat. His eyes caught a book on the dining table, he moved closer to it and wondered what it was, he had never seen it before. “KJV, what is KJV?” He muttered as he touched the book.

He looked at the left part of the living room and found a corridor, he moved slowly towards it and as he got into the lonely corridor, the silence he heard was louder than the screaming sound of his wild beating heart. A door caught his attention, it was on the right side of the corridor and he didn’t know how, but he knew that should be the room to be opened. Turning the door knob, he heard his name called out, he turned to see the driver, “Sir, we have to go, we will return in a few hours”

He looked back again at the door, before turning to follow the driver, panic and fear were his closest companions as he made his way into the car, to prepare for his assignment, specific instructions were to be given at the hotel. The windows were shut and Kazim had still not figured out exactly where he was.

As they drove away, he thought deep and hard about what he was going to do, he would never want to kill Zara’s family. Zara had become family to him and hurting anyone that’s hers, would be the same thing as hurting him. But he had no choice here, he would never be allowed back until he had completed this mission, and if he refused, that would be the end of him. CC’s dreadful words rang deep in his ears.

The car stopped and the doors opened in front of a building, and he heard the drivers voice over the speakers, “Sir, this is where you’ll get the detailed information about what you are expected to do.

He got down and realized the entire place was fenced so high, there was no way he would see the outside world from in there.

Stepping in, he was greeted by another man, who led him to his room, as he passed through the hallway of the building, he spotted some other doors, as if other people were in those rooms. His room was spacious and well furnished, moving in, he found three sets of clothing on the bed, three pairs of shoes below each cloth and a pair of sunglasses.

On his table he found a sealed envelope, he was extremely afraid to pick it up, so he sat on the bed for a few minutes to calm his nerves. Zara filled his thoughts as he thought of what she may be going through in there, he wondered if she had realised he was out of the camp, or if she was even safe enough to think of him.

The more he thought about her, the more tears flowed from his eyes, he was really worried, and for a few minutes in that room, he cried like a child.

“Balaam Ruallah! god of the universe, you said I must be ready to fight for what I believe. But right now, here in this moment, I don’t know what I believe anymore. You said it is an honour to kill in your name, but this is my friend, how is this an honour?! Can you hear me!!!! Answer me! Can you hear me! Tell me what to do! Are you even there!!!!”

He waited for a few seconds and then he heard a sound, a sound of absolute silence.


Zara put Milan down a few paces away from the building, her hands were tired and she needed to save her energy for all that was ahead.

“Girl you have to run by yourself now, you can’t follow me anymore”

“Aunty please, take me with you, anywhere you are going”

“Girl where I am going, you can’t come, it’s not safe”

“But I…”

“Shhhh, he’s coming, be quiet”

They bothhid behind the tree as they watched CC run past them, he had been able to get into his clothes and she wasn’t sure who he was looking for now, the little girl or herself.

“Okay, girl listen, there is a place behind the palm yard, the orange tree, go there, wait for me, when I get back I’ll take you”

The little girl nodded and took off for the palm yard.

Zara knew UG would be too high to take whatever happened seriously, so she could just come up with a story for him. She tiptoed back to the central building and as she was about to enter, her mind went back to Kazim, she wondered if he was done with the promotion ceremony, she really needed him, once she got her hands on her files, and his too, maybe.

UG sat in front of the central building as she returned not sure if he fully understood everything happening

Zara moved up slowly towards him, still coining the lie to throw in his ugly face.

“Sorry UG I had to pee”


He was drunk and high on drugs, he’d believe anything.

“Yes, there was a snake in the toilet


“Yes, you won’t believe it, I had to kill it with my bare hands before I went to pee outside”

She silently hoped he hadn’t sobered up yet, if not, she was in trouble

“Oh is that so, okay, let’s go finish what we started”

She followed him into the central building and into the file room. As she stepped in she knew, she shouldn’t have come in, it was nothing she could specifically point out, but something told her not to.

Not long had she entered the file room when UG grabbed her from behind and ran his hands, legs and all the body parts he could use across her body, as uncomfortable as it felt, she endured it, using her eyes to scan the room, she had always had sharp eyes.

Every cabinet was arranged alphabetically, apparently according to their last name intitials, but the hard part was that she had forgotten her last name. “Zara uhmm, oh no, not when I’m this close” She whispered while UG continued his drunk caress.

“Uhmm, UG baby, oh yeah” She faked a moan as she talked to him

“Yeah baby, say what you want me to do to you”

“UHmmm, it’s real easy, you know”

“Ohh, don’t go easy on me, I’m a lion, I can do anything”

“You know what turns me super on”

“Spill it girl”

“When you say my last name”


“Oh yeah, when you say my last name”

“Oh really”

“Yes baby”

It was then she realised he wasn’t talking in his drunk voice anymore, his voice was clear as ever, and his grip was becoming stronger, his eyes weren’t looking droopy and sleepy anymore. He began to laugh as he placed his hands on her neck, tightening his grip so hard, she could barely breath

“And here we are, just when you think I don’t know what you are up to”

He pulled out the pocket knife from the back of her overall and held it to her face.

Zara knew there was only one way out


To be continued, Sunday February 18th 7pm

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  1. Ohhh my!!!
    More suspense, wow!!!
    Well-done ma!!

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  2. Message:Message:Oh Sweet Jesus
    so afraid of the unknown for Zara and kazim.
    mogbe 🙌🙌, suspense no be here oh!

    1. See you next Sunday 😊😊

  3. Read Episode 10 & 11 today…

    So K & Z are in such a fix right now that it’s so hard to predict what next…

    Seems their every move is being monitored…

    Fingers really crossed…

    1. So crossed

  4. Oh my God
    So beautiful and so suspense filled

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  5. Things have heated up so much! I can’t wait to read the next one.

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