ZARA- Episode 10

ZARA- Episode 10

He turned and saw XC, and words took a short break from his mouth as he just stared at him, not knowing what to say.

“Look who’s here, with goodnews I presume?”

“Uhh? Sir what are you talking about?”

“Are you mad, Zara ofcourse, have you spoken to her? Where is she?”

“Uhmm, sir, she’s uhmm, I don’t know sir”

“What do you mean you don’t know, I gave you two hours and its way past that now”

“Sir, you, you kn-know, I was taken for the induction before I could reach here

XC paused for a few seconds

“Hmm, so why are you still here?”

“I came to pee sir”

“Why here?”

“It was close sir” He started faking the dance, you know that dance we do when we are really pressed

XC looked at him and shook his head, “Go before you pee on me. I need Zara before the leader comes, however you want to handle it”

“Okay sir” He waited for XC to walk off before he took the other path and dashed to into the bush towards the main camp to find Zara.


CC looked over at the sobbing Milan and shook his head. He was tired of children, he had tasted enough of them in his stay here. Some of them had become his 3rd 4th and 5th wife and the others he gave to some of the other captains for their pleasure, but well, one more won’t hurt. He touched her hair, still smooth, but all dried up for lack of hydration.

“Come and sit on my leg, It’s just a hug, it won’t hurt darling, I promise”

“Pleaseee uncle, pleaseeee, I don’t want to hug you”

“You look like a smart girl, so you should know that it is not wise to tell me no”

“Please I want to go home”

“Don’t we all”

Milan started crying profusely as CC walked up to her, picked her from her seat and placed her on his legs”

“You see, it isn’t that hard”

He kept her back on the seat as he got up and shut the window blinds.


Zara walked a few steps behind UG as he staggered towards the central buildings door. As she followed him, her mind ran quickly to Kazim, she was really worried about what was going on with him in that induction. But this might be her only chance to get in the file room.

UG and Zara went into the building and heard noises, noises that sound all too familiar, it was a girl crying and begging. She turned towards the place she felt the noise came from and made an attempt to move towards that door when UG stopped her,

“Where are you going, you’re coming with me”

“Yes I know, I just want to check something, I think I heard noises”

“Yes, I hear noises too, it’s the noise you will make when I’m through with you”

Zara was really concerned about the noise, if she did one good thing before leaving this place, it should be to stop a girl from experiencing what she experienced. But she thought again, about her files in the room UG was leading her too. What was more important?

She turned back as if to follow UG and when she observed he wasn’t paying much attention to her, she made a run for it. Pacing quickly to the door the noise came from and kicked it open with her foot.

“Who’s that!” CC screamed, butt naked with his hands holding on to Milans skirt as he tried to pull it off

“Aunty please help me!!!”

“It’s you, Catherine!?”

“What, who?” That was when she remembered the fake name

“Oh yeah, it’s me. I heard noises”

CC was in a fix, here she was, the girl he was looking for and he was standing butt nak…. “Oh crap!” He said below his breath, as he quickly put on his short

“Do you know the meaning of privacy”

“I thought someone was in trouble” Zara said, trying the hardest she could to control the anger and disgust that built up instantly.

Free from his grip, Milan jumped up from the table and ran straight into Zara’s arms. Grabbing the girl tightly, she ran out of the room, leaving CC standing in his pants. He would never pursue her dressed in pants, so she was lucky.

The hit UG in the corridor as they ran out of the room

“What’s all this Zara, how dare you leave me without notice”

“UG, I have to take this girl somewhere safe”

“I don’t give a damn about her, let’s finish what we started”

“UG, I am coming”

“No, she can seat with us and watch, I don’t bloody care”

“What?” Everybody was insane in this God forsaken place

“Catherine!” CC’s voice was heard calling, there was no more time, Zara picked Milan up and ran past UG, pushing him against the wall, he was too high to resist


Kazim ran through the bushes and came out infront of the palm yard. He needed to find Zara, as he searched the premises, he got even more worried. As he turned around he found the driver

“Sir we have to start going”

Disappointed, he followed him to the car

He was blindfolded as they drove through the gates, the windows of the car were pitch black and nothing could be seen through them, inside or outside. He hadn’t realized how tired he was till he slept like a corpse and was woken by the driver.

“Sir, we’re here, the people are not home, the leader says you should do a survey of the environment”

Kazim stepped out of the car and the light that shorn on his face was blinding , it was like outside the camp had it’s own sun.

It was a large compound, with a huge duplex in the middle, the driver handed a key over to him and he used it to get into the house, looking round at the massive living room, his eyes went straight to the pictures on the wall.

His heart stopped for a second when he saw the picture of a small girl, that looked just like Zara…


To be continued, 11th February, 2018

Please leave a comment below, Zara and Milan on the run, Kazim in the shock of his life, who will give up

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