“But Lord, He’s so fine!!!”

“His heart is ugly darling”

“And you know he called me his wife the other day, in front of his mama!”

“I call you my bride everyday, I’m the best husband, so I can spot a bad one”

“Naaa, Lord, you don’t get it, okay, if he is wrong for me, why am I always so excited and nervous when he is around”

“hahahaha, you still got skin and bones darling, as long as you are human, the flesh will react to what it likes”

“And yeah! Here’s another one, everyone says we look good together. Beat that!”

“Except me my love”

“Well, Lord I’m sorry I just love him too much”

“I have someone better for you”

“Lord, puhleeassee, my clock is ticking, and my breasts will be sagging real soon, I don’t wanna look like my kids granny, gotta hurry, so you have to make him the one”




(A year later,  one classy wedding, horrible marriage, beat up face,  purpose on hold, spirituality doing the mannequin challenge, guy still fine, and oops, he calls every woman his wife)


“Uhmmm, Lord, you there? This is an emergency…”

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