I found out a few years back actually. My dad was the one that picked me among all the children in the orphanage. They told me I became very restless in there because I saw other children getting adopted and I needed to feel the love they felt and have the same joy they had on their faces whenever they came to visit me. I think I was just about 6 or 8 years old back then.

I would roam around aimlessly and I had a lot of dirt on me every time, the orphanage people didn’t even really care sef, they would just dab the dust off my body and leave me to do whatever I wanted, ofcourse the temporary cleaning did not stop me from going back to play. I even preferred playing in the dirt, cuz I thought maybe, a good parent looking for a child would pity me and carry me. I was always alone, the only people that came around me only made me play and dirty myself more, then I would get the beating of life from the orphanage owner.

Recently I had a few flash backs and I remembered that day.

It was raining, and everyone was inside, but I chose to be outside, I was playing with the mud and rolling in the rain, a car came into the orphanage, it was a white car sha, one man came down and I ran to hide because if he reported me to the scary lady, I’d be dealt with.

I hid behind the building waiting for him to go inside before coming out, as I stood there my heart was racing so fast.

I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder, I jerked and turned and it was this man. He  was just looking at me. I looked down because I was ashamed of my misbehavior. I ran inside the building, cuz the embarrassment was too much.

I hid in a corner of the house till I heard the scary lady screaming for us to come out to the reception. I walked really slowly, all drained and muddy.

“This man is taking one of you with him today”

I looked round, and the others seemed to be so clean and proper. I hid behind everyone and kept my head down.

“I told you already, I have found the child I want. Her name’s Deborah”

I looked up quickly and I saw him pointing at me. I smiled so widely my cheeks hurt, and he winked at me.

“uhmm, sir are you sure, she’s very dirty and clumsy”

“That’s why I want her”

He chose me People! He chose me!!!

As we left the orphanage I asked him

“How did you know my name?”

“Oh believe me Darling, I know everyone’s name”

I looked again into his eyes and I realized he was the same man that adopted the other joyous children I envied. I was on top of the world. He cleaned my dirt and gave me a purpose.


Come see a man that told me all I ever did.

He is in that orphanage again, looking for the lost and hopeless, he specializes in cleaning up dirt. Just stand at the reception, receive Him, cuz He chose you even before you were an option.

HE adopted me and it feels so good I gotta tell it.

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