I got a call from the ruler of a certain nation, I won’t say which one now for security reasons. Anyway he called me to a private ceremony.


“I’ve heard a lot about you, and I want to see for myself before I give you the national award I desire to give. In past years I have invited other people for this task and they were given 1 week to complete it. Believe me it’s extremely tedious and most of them don’t finish before the time is up. But for you, I am giving you 3 DAYS!!!


“Ah excuse me sir, the time is too short, its the same intense work sir, to complete in three days what some people couldn’t do in 1 week.”


“Don’t worry, I have given you all you need to finish”


So I went on to do it, I decided to take the first day off to just relax and enjoy the beautiful view of the place. Atleast I had two more days. The second day, I decided to finally get up and stretch myself and find where I kept the instructions, it was already nightfall.

The paper read:

  1. The most important tasks must begin on day one. The energy supply is limited in Day 2 and 3, your strength will be lowered and hence, day 1 is your most vital day.



I couldn’t even keep on reading! I noticed as the time went on, my knees began to wobble, and by the third day I could barely see, or get anything done.

I was so ashamed to meet the ruler on the final day, Nothing was finished!

You see the men of old lived to be even over 900 years and by 120 they were still considered youths, in this age, 120 is considered long life, we have a shorter time to fulfill purpose and we are joking with the day 1 of our lives, our youthful age! Please darlings time is going, do what you can, Cuz soon you won’t be able to. Every day is a day closer to your last day…

You can’t pray it away…



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