Hey loves!

This is no Cinderella story, but it was five minutes to midnight. The clock lost its essence and my mind settled in pure ecstasy. It was nothing like I had before. We had spoken for hours unending, and finally reality was better than my dreams. It was a minute to midnight, when he showed me himself and I showed him me. Well, hands covering my face, I was kinda ashamed of the ‘me’ I presented, but he snatched it from me before I could take it back. He wouldn’t let me go, I was lost in him. Finally, he said “My love, Will you marry me?”

The clock struck midnight, and suddenly that thing that always pulled me came again. I felt undeserving and I started to run, I ran away from him with all my strength. And when I got to the place I was running to, the signpost read “nowhere”.

I heard his voice calling from afar, I couldn’t hear the words.  I wanted to keep running, but I was too tired to move a limb. I felt a sharp pain under my left foot and I looked down at it, only to realize I had just one shoe on, it was then I heard what he had been saying

“Come my love, I have what you are looking for. Stay with me… this shoe fits just you, let me complete you… ”

In that darkness I saw a light, and I fell, fell so hard in love, with the me I saw in his eyes, I fell, even deeper in love with him… I told HIM, “I’m tired of running, catch me… Jesus, I just wanna be where YOU are…”

So sweethearts, stop seeking love in the wrong places, honey, only Jesus satisfies. You are deserving, he died so you would be worthy… He’s got your missing ‘shoe’, He’s waiting on you.

I’m forever in honeymoon

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