Wow, I am super excited to introduce to you this home of love and support, D.O.T.A!

“D.O.T.A” as it’s commonly called, is an acronym for Daughters of the Altar. D.O.T.A was birthed from a task given by God to create a safe haven for ladies in any kind of ministry (which we interpret to be a lady with purpose on her back) and for ministers daughters across the world. There’s a lot of pressure in the world, and several ladies have either quit or become dormant in their pursuits in life as a result. Who pats the back of the one that pats the back of others, who loves on the lover, who listens to the counsellor? A place where pure love abounds, partnerships not competitions, each striving for the progress of the other.

D.O.T.A began on the 26th of February, 2020 and we can 

boldly say it could only have been God. Several testimonies have been shared, some of which are published in here. We pray, laugh, and gist together, ask and answer questions and the atmosphere is simply beyond something man made.

Our love for Christ finds expression in our love for each other, and even though scattered around the world, we feel like we are in the exact same space. D.O.T.A aims to minister to all women seeking Christian fellowships and growth by building healthy relationships, teaching and learning God’s word in relevant and life-changing ways, sharing ideas and opportunities to change lives positively and sharing these changed lives with others in true love. We have found friendship, we have a home.

We are currently on WhatsApp, Facebook and Telegram. Once again, I welcome you with all the joy in my heart, D.O.T.A loves you already.




On the 28th of February we had our first date. I mean, D.O.T.A queens. We got to know each other a little more and ohhh!, we were amazed by the outburst of love that filled our hearts as we told our stories. Good, bad, funny and ugly. It was as refreshing as cold water on a sunny day, the way we received cyber hugs without condemnation.

The stories of that day centred around things experienced in childhood, from family, church, guardians, etc. and the results of all these in our lives.

Gosh! Some really hilarious tales made us laugh with tears. All day, we kept sharing. The stories went deep into our hearts and like the scientist screamed Eureka! We knew that people needed to know all these. Parents needed to know, intending parents too. Churches needed to be aware, guardians and family members needed to be informed.

A parent in the group testified that this has given her major parenting insight.

So we decided to put our stories together. ‘Faceless’ letters to daddies, mummies, churches, guardians, etc. Some parents still have no clue of these till date.

This first edition of THE D.O.T.A CHRONICLES is tagged “Within Blurred Lines (We wish you knew sooner)”

We hope you learn a thing or two, laugh here and there, and even if you don’t, we hope you have a good read. Plus, we have some extra delicious stuff in there as well!

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