For those that don’t know, I’m a pastors’ daughter. Yeah, you can close your mouth now, lol. And it was funny when someone actually walked up to me and said, “Debbie, everything is easy for you, everything just goes smoothly”, and I’m like, if only you knew. Don’t be scared, I won’t bore you with gory details of my life, but I’ll just point out a few things we face as pastors/G.O/ministers children. Today, I’m not blasting PKs, and if you’re one, I bet you’ll relate to at least one of these and if you’re a pastor, that means your kids will be/are PKs too, so you’ll get to know how to prep them for some of these.


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ZARA – Episode 3


“What is he saying?” she asked herself, as confused as ever. This was her only chance to tell him exactly what she had to do today. But she watched them take him away, and yeah, she could guess where he was going.

“Why did he look at me like that, what did I do?” The other members of the camp were trickling out in number by this time and she had to find a way to follow Kazim. In this place, you never know if you’ll see anyone again.

Following him through the bush path, she kept her distance from the guards, Kazim wasn’t struggling with any of them, he wasn’t even saying anything.

“Why isn’t he speaking?” She had no clue what was going on. Kazim would never hurt that girl, her major concern was that last look, why did he give her that look, she tried reading his lips and it looked like he said “What have you done” or “where have you gone” or “What are you…” she couldn’t even guess anymore.

As she watched the guards take him into a building, she knew it wasn’t a good sign. It was the central commandants’ block, and he had his personal interrogatory room in there.

“This is not good”

She could go no further, there was no way she could enter that building unnoticed. She tried to stretch to see through some of the high windows around the building, hoping Kazim would show up in one of the visible ones.


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ZARA (Episode 1)

The clock struck midnight and Zara’s eyes opened to pitch darkness.

The large bell at the center of the camp would ring soon, and everyone had to gather at the palm yard. She lay still in bed staring at the falling ceiling above her, she didn’t mind, at least she finally had her own space. There were no more smelly armpits shoving their monstrous hairs into her mouth in her sleep, or lack of.

A small shadow appeared in the path of her only source of light, the 5×5 inch window at the top left corner of the wall. It was a songbird that had come every night since she moved into this room, with a voice she had grown to recognize, it reminded her of home, and somehow to Zara, that was what kept her going.

The tunes got so familiar, she hummed along as she closed her eyes and reminisced, rocking on her mother’s lap on the balcony, inhaling the scent of freshly manicured grass that her father had mowed, and listening to her mother hum to the tunes of her favourite songs.

As the years passed, the memories had faded slowly, she couldn’t seem to remember her mother’s face clearly, all she could remember of her father where his words, those ones he spoke late into the night when she would run to him for fear of the monsters under her bed “Daughter life is not fair, you have to fight for what you want”. Those words haunted her, you see he never told her when the fight would end, it had been ten years already… (more…)

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