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“OMG_ Debbie this book is more than fiction, it's spirit deep and INSPIRING.

I was in tears almost all through the chapters, your hands are blessed girl. God bless you”


Hello darlings, it’s Debeerex here!

I’m beyond excited to welcome you to my official website, I’m grateful for the privilege of a platform to share and grow with you all. So thanks for stopping by!

I’m a young lady passionate about seeing everyone around me excel and get it right in this one shot at living that we all have. I write, counsel, and teach as many people as I am blessed to.  

I write about love, faith, purpose, success, etc and I have a lot of my journey so far to share with you. 

You’ll definitely get to know more about me as you stop over as often as possible and even better, when you join the Debeerex family by subscribing to my email list. Some sweet exclusive stuff for you!

I love you so much, and I hope you enjoy your time here!

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I Died on Friday

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The book is exceptional. You killed it! Your choice of words, punctuations are excellent I must confess. You really stole the readers’ attention. Truly I was touched, I felt a pricking sensation in me. God bless you dear. This’ just a stepping stone to great successes and achievements. Continue to be a salt and light to your generation.

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